Smartphone Round Robin: Interview Edition

A few announcements about the Smartphone Round Robin. First, you know, it's over except for a bonus round where we here at WMExperts try out the Nokia N95-3 (and so far we're not impressed, this puppy is slow). More exciting, though, is all four of us editors were interviewed over at Mobile Computing Authority, a great general smartphone podcast. The podcast went live on Saturday and it's a pretty good wrap-up of the Round Robin. Put MCA in your podcast feeds, they're good folks.

Lastly, we were going to wait until tomorrow to mention this, but since we bought it up already... The winners in the Round Robin were announced last week, but some folks have emailed saying “Yeah, great, that's cool. But which platform wins?” Did the iPhone beat all comers? Did the PalmOS rise from its retirement barcalounger to smite these young whippersnappers? Did the CrackBerry pick up new addicts? Did Windows Mobile SMASH, incredible hulk-style?

Well, sorry to disappoint everybody, but we all came home to our respective platforms with enough gratitude and relief to make the prodigal son look like a heel. So no platform came out far and away on top - though they each have their strong and weak points, so there's likely a platform that's clearly best for you. It's just going to take a little work to figure out which one that is.

Again, though, we were going to wait until tomorrow because that's when RickMG will be receiving his grand prize. A Sprint Mogul. A Windows Mobile Slider. Booyah! Rick explains:

With the main requirement being that I could use the phone on Sprint I found that I had a choice of everything but the iphone, and even if Sprint could use the iphone, I don’t think I’d pick it at this time for to many reasons. I always figured that I would end up one day with WM if the POS didn’t make some important improvements such as wifi, multi-tasking and gps.

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