Snag the wallpapers included in Windows 10 Mobile build 10162

Interested in getting your hands on the wallpapers in Windows 10 Mobile while you're still rocking Windows Phone 8.1? Well, you're in luck, as Polish blog has done the hard work of compiling all of the wallpapers in Windows 10 Mobile build 10162 into one package.

The collection includes 9 wallpapers from Windows 10 Mobile, mostly showing off different landscapes. However, the brand new Windows 10 hero shot is included as well if you just can't take your eyes off of it. Each wallpaper is in HD resolution at 1920 x 1080, so you shouldn't have to worry about quality being an issue.

Download Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers


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  • 10162? Well I could start a good weekend if it's released before then...
  • I need the wallpaper of Daniel Rubino' s phone... Which is in the screenshot of this post
  • me too, it's gorgeous.
  • Me too!
  • Where to download?
  • It in the link mediafire
  • WC removed the links...
  • nice
  • WTF?
  • What do you mean, just select open in browser the link is still there! I have downloaded just now
  • You can go to and find the link ​
  • Can someone post these on OneDrive or Dropbox? I sure as hell am not installing the "3rd party downloader" from this website.
  • +1
  • I was able to download the zip file directly to my phone.
  • Are you on the TP?
  • He's on the tip
  • Just 'the tip'?
  • Downloaded from Mediafire, you don't need third party downloader
  • I think he's referring to the fact that it's trying to get you to install the "Third-Party Installer" Trojanware in the first place, whereas services like OneDrive and Dropbox don't try tricking users into downloading such fishy software.
  • Fishy
  • Yep, that's exactly what was happening.
  • You don't need a third-party downloader, but I think you need a third-party app to unzip and save em?
  • I've hosted them on Dropbox, here's the link for anyone else who keeps getting asked to install a "file downloader".
  • Won't download w10m.
  • It is downloaded. Just use an unzip app like 8zip, then navigate to: this device>downloads
    Extract the photos to any folder you like, then use the photos app to view/use them.
  • 10162❔ I'd settle for 10159,, but I'm ready for a new damn build.. Just a few bugs are getting on my nerves... 162 is probably awesome.
  • I hear ya brother
  • Did you install The TP?
  • Completely agree! Battery is draining too fast. L930
  • My 1520 used to drain so fast as well, now it is great (maybe even better) than it was on 8.1. I just turned off glance screen, and I try my best not to open up the settings app (I am not sure, but I think the problem comes within that app itself). Also, don't close apps using the multitasking pane, they don't drain battery anyway. Those are my three advices, I hope they work for you.
  • ^This is why i downgraded, battery drain issues and video editing issues, couldnt edit photos.
  • Yeah m, photos is fucked... Can't YET view all your albums, and forget editing.
  • That's weird, because my 1520 is getting great Battery life since upgrading to 10149. Roughly a day and a half. I'm an IT Manager/network admin so my phone is my lifeline
  • Yeah, it's not to bad with 149 on the 1520... Could be better once we get more control.
  • i want the build not the wallpapers
  • 10162 is somewhere..around the corner. We are gonna find you and Install you ,period
  • I don't want those wallpapers... What I want is the wallpaper Daniel used to do hands on of build 10149 .. Can I have that please? ;)
  • Yes..Please Daniel?
  • I've seen it all over the place on Zedge. Its an app for wallpapers
  • Downloaded through MediaFire!
  • Meh, better wallpapers on earthporn subreddit.
  • Can we have the wallpaper of the phone from the thumbnail, please?
  • Wonder how far off that build is from us...
  • Next time could you add the photos rather than a link to an external site?
  • when is windows 10 mobile be released?
  • Tomorrow
  • Late Sep. or Early Oct.
  • The next build is likely to be a 107XX as stated in a previous article.
  • The other article said 1016X, not 107XX that's too far ahead, not even PC is that far ahead.
  • Had roll back to 8.1 after I got reload bug it was pretty good on 1520 I wait new build
  • Can't download this on build 10149. Can anyone upload these please ?
  • It can be downloaded using Edge even if it says it wasn't. Just use an unzip app like 8zip, then navigate to: this device>downloads, there you will find that zipped file.
    Extract the photos to any folder you like, then use the photos app to view/use them.
  • That's doing to much..
  • Snagged and set. But I wish there were more colors than just shades of blue.
  • Email them to me.. :)
  • problem is build 10149 has a bug that cant change my start background..
  • Same for me :(
  • A hard reset fixes this problem, but I'd say wait for the newer build, it is around the corner, and it's not worth the hassle of a hard reset.
  • Hard reset worked for me. But yeah, you might want to wait for the next build.
  • It doesn't download properly then mediafire asked to repair it then asked to download something, LOL! A Trojan trying to be downloaded. No eff**ing way. I'll just wait for the build.
  • Awesome. Needed a wallpaper and accent color change. Using the hero image with crimson accent on 8.1.
  • Just downloaded to my Lumia, great new lock screen photo for my new Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE , perfect the photos are optimized for phone. Cool deal. I'm in the game , I picked the blue Windows logo shot , matches my JBL flip 2 Bluetooth speaker I just picked up from the Microsoft store.
  • You should email them to me
  • W T F? If you're going to advertise the wallpaper, don't remove the links?
  • Is windows 10 mobile finally stable guys?
  • Not yet
  • Why is the battery icon so tiny!¿
  • I just want the ability to change my wallpaper. Can't be the only person with this issue. Lumia 1520 if it helps.
  • Ugly!
  • Wth 10162
  • Transparency is just an option that we can make the tiles transparent or it makes transparent all the tiles? I think its good to have transparency as an option it should not be forced on every windowsphone user
  • No thanks.  I can wait till I get the build
  • Ok
  • Hero wallpaper looks better on lockscreens instead of desktop wallpaper, simply because one can get bored easily, well I did.
  • Hello ! Where can i find Daniel Rhubino wallpaper from the Heading ? :( Please someone help me !
  • DANIEL, I want your Start background image T____T
  • yo tambien lo quierooo