Take a look at how the new Windows 10 hero desktop image was created

A new video on the Windows YouTube channel gives a nice look at the work that went into creating the hero desktop image that will ship with Windows 10 when it releases. In this, design director Bradley Munkowitz used lasers, smoke machines, colored filters, falling crystal dust, and more to capture this image.

Creating this image was far beyond just sitting behind a computer and editing something pretty. Munkowitz describes the image as:

The project is all about one point of perspective, and kind of looking at the logo itself as a portal that was allowing us to look into space. In order to do that we and to develop some weird techniques, kind of a camera mapping of the logo.

With just over a month until the release of Windows 10, it is cool to see more of what goes on behind the scenes, and just how much attention is being given to each detail this time around.

Source: Windows (YouTube)

Jared DiPane

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