Snake Rewind brings a dose of classic gaming nostalgia to Windows Phone

Snake Rewind, a reboot of the classic game made famous on practically every early Nokia device, has launched on Windows Phone a day earlier than anticipated. Snake Rewind offers a fresh take on the familiar Snake formula, adding in 10 visually distinct levels, a rewind mechanic, and much more.

Here's the full breakdown of the nostalgia trip you're in for with Snake Rewind:

  • Rewind the snake to continue the game even after crashing!
  • Many different types of special fruit, with unique powers and effects!
  • 10 levels with distinct visuals and music, unlocked by completing fun and challenging missions!
  • Fruit store where boosters and items can be upgraded and purchased, using fruit that you collect while playing!
  • Compete against other players for higher scores and rankings on the leaderboards, connect with friends on Facebook and Game Center!
  • Fill the whole screen with the snake and find out what happens then!

Snake Rewind comes from the original developer of Snake, Taneli Armanto, in partnership with developer Rumilus Design. If you'd like to relive those early days of mobile gaming, you can hit up the store link below to embark on your nostalgia-fueled journey.

Thanks to AliGoli and Reza for the tips!

Download Snake Rewind for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: Snake Rewind

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Finally
  • I was excited and then... Touch controls don't work as expected, at least on a 1020. Anyone else has issues?
  • Swiping right goes opposite & vice versa but not everytime.
  • by default, it's got tap controls, not swipe.  make sure you set the controls the way you like it. with tap, you tap on the side of the snake you want to go.  so to turn up, you have to tap in the area above the snake's head.
  • On my 1020 plays plays terrible. Controls just aren't good.
  • Same on my 830
  • Same on my 930 :(
  • I just need to add myself to ur situation l620
  • Change settings to swipe, but still works flaky.
  • The controls are so unintutive on my 1020 as well. How does swipe left mean go diagonal? Tap controls also stop making sense when you have to make a quick turn but think about where to tap before you do.
  • Doesn't work right on 1520 either. How does this happen? Anyone who plays for 3 seconds will see the issue.
  • I thought the same at first but you just tap to the side of the snake rather than at the bottom of the screen. So you kinda need to move around with the snake
  • Sssssssmoking
  • Seems fine on my M8... Not sure what they mean by swipe though... I'm using tap controls and seems fine.
  • Dunno what's wrong with you guys, works perfectly on my 930, you just tap in the cardinal direction you want the snake to move...
  • Somebody has to reinvent the physical keyboard. Maybe Apple can do that.
  • I have the same issue with controls, tap controls work great but I don't like them, they are too complicated. And swipe control has a bug, when making short (but very short) swipes it works great but when making a little longer one swipe it make weird things.
  • The controls are terrible. Hoping they improve that.
  • It arrival healed my pain of "Whatsapp minor bugfix" update :)
  • Hahaha that's exactly what I wanted to say! :D
  • LOL :D
  • And it arrived 1st in Windows Mobile platform...Android and iOS didn't have the game yet. #winning :D
  • Snake! :D
  • Solid.
  • Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!
  • Badger badger badger badger...
  • And is not available here in Brazil. :(
  • Change the phone's region to United states. And download it.
    Then change it back to Brazil.
  • Buddy, I do not do this because of me, I ask this becaue there are a whole "normal" people that dont access tech sites like this and dont know about this (change the phone's region), or simple dont want to.
  • I'm looking forward to get an L830 soon, but I already know that kind of region stuff because of my W8.1 tablet that I use in Guatemala. It would be great to have access to this things without changing region settings.
  • People that don't follow tech sites, but use store every day, will never know about this game. You need to change region for everything... Cortana, apps... When can I use my own region?
  • Be grateful that Microsoft still supports you somehow. I'm in Iran and when I change the region to Iran, Well... The store itself doesn't work anymore! Cortana? Lets not talk about it! LOL So i always use United States region for my phone in order to work!
  • But the point is, these people including you shouldn't have to change region for the phone YOU PAY FOR to work, Microsoft are not supporting you or your country properly, if they were you wouldn't have to lie to your phone and make it think you are in the US for your phone to work.
  • I agree, but some countries like Brazil, Russia and Taiwan have some laws that requires specific certificates for games to be available there. Many developers do not know they can reuse their PEGI/ESRB certificates (almost every game has at least one of these) to publish in there countries. When these devs go to publish their games they simple skip these countries thinking that they need the specific country certificates.
  • You're new around here. Guilherme is tirelessly campaigning for apps to be released in the Brazilian store and good on him. He helps developers do this. Changing a region is a hack when there are easier legitimate ways to get apps out natively to other markets.
  • Thank you. :)
  • Downloading
  • Comeon Bounce creators,your turn now!
  • Yeah I love that game!
    Bounce and Snake MUST be preloaded with any Nokia Lumia Device.
  • Have u guys tried "Tigerball"? One of the best "Ball" game in WP store. :)
  • And Space Impact
  • What about Space Invaders and pinball?
  • Pinball Star is pretty good.
  • It keeps crashing on my Lumia 1520.
  • Controls are lil bit "loose" i think. Sometimes when i swipe right snake goes the opposite. May be a bug.
  • It's cuz settings are on tap control
  • Wow 36mb
  • Well its not $36.
  • ⤴ vote up from app
  • Hehe :D Thanks!
  • Wish it was windows exclusive but oh well. Happy it's here!
  • Controls don't work properly.
  • What's up with the controls? The swipe directions ain't working as directed. I had my hopes high for this game :(
    Gonna give them a review...
  • I'm not able to give review & stars to many apps including this on What's d reason?
  • they don't like d way you type?
  • Wow! I wonder how they r accepting comments from my phone easily. Keep your knowledge to yourself i guess...
  • Now multiplayer has to be next.
  • Nowhere near the original game
  • Agreed, grab Snake by AE Mobile its the original
  • Thanks ..ill go check it out
  • Wild applause. See George for how to review a game.
  • Guys commands are ok. They just do not work as you expect. Try this:
    Control Scheme = Tap
    Guide visibility = On
    Ok now when your snake is moving you will see a line. Tap right or left of that line to turn right or left, Tap up or down that line to move up or down. Did you understand more or less? EDIT: I can't use swipe controls, anyway. Those seem buggy.
  • Too unintuitive when you have to make split decisions to avoid collisions
  • It's not hard. You tap in the direction that you want the snake to go. Doesn't get much more intuitive than that.
  • Finally!
    Snake happened to me
    Then classic, now modern
    Only free in the Store
    (Filipinos will get this) hehe
  • You bet! And i sang it in my mind darn it!
  • Won't even open on Blu Win HD LTE
  • Reinstall it
  • Same here, won't open on Blu Win HD LTE. Reinstall didn't help.
  • Remake of the Nokia 5125 version of snake.
  • Swipe controls seems inverted lol
  • Looks and plays amazing on my trusty L630
  • Get these Mothaf***** snakes off this Mothaf****** phone!
  • This game will surely make me miss my Nokia 1100. Indestructible baby
  • +dead 1110i
  • Nokia 5110 came out with snake!
  • Agreed its rubbish! If you want a good one same as the original back in the day go to store search snake and grab Snake by AE Mobile
  • Controls are easy, to go up hit the top of your phone and to go left hit the left side of your phone and vice versa. Why is everyone complaining?
  • I agree with this guy
  • To play you have to tap the screen from the right to turn right and vice versa
  • 36 megs.. Haha.. Imagine that on a 3310.
  • Space impact please?
  • controls are in a mess on L1520
  • Now if MS could just port Space impact 1 & 2, then have them preinstalled with windows 10 mobile.
  • Works great on my 930
  • Wow,what a game,it really takes me down memory lane.
  • It's working just fine especially when tapping,on the leader board,there is someone who scored 10,000 points he couldn't if it was unplayable.
  • I'm still wondering how that guy made 10k points e.e I can't barely make 1000
  • Practice makes a snake perfect.
  • Its nothing wrong with the control. Just make sure you allow the rotation screen unlock and you are good to go. Dont even have to swipe, tap on any side you want will do.
  • I wonder why such a simple game needs so many permitions...
  • Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ !
    But I'm not disappointed, the game is fun.
  • Yeah, me neither. I installed it anyway, it's a great game :)
  • Arrived on Windows store first!! #achievement :P
  • Downloaded in time for weekend!
  • Terrible Controls on my 925 :(
  • Probably you're just not used to it? Tap control works as the original game, tapping the same direction twice will change the direction each tap. But yeah swipe control need some work.
  • Has anyone manage to fill the screen with snake? What happened?
  • You'll have no more space to move.
  • I have the same issue with controls, tap controls work great but I don't like them, they are too complicated. And swipe control has a bug, when making short (but very short) swipes it works great but when making a little longer one swipe it make weird things
  • Yeaaah snake :D
  • I remember preinstalled Snake game on Nokia 3250 XM and Nokia 5700 XM. That game was great! Does anyone remember this game? :)
  • I tipped you guys a couple of weeks ago saying it was coming soon. Even emphasised it was going to be on Windows Phone :-(
  • Very Cool
  • Ew those controls are disgusting! Nothing like the old snake at all.
  • I actually alerted you guys before! And you Herbert took notice!!!!
  • Controls are horrible... They should change it
  • Hmm Good to see this kind of Retro style games in Smart phones..
    But the Snake Game What we had in N - Series Mobile was Really Good..
    I mean the Snake Game what we had in N - Series was the collaboration of
    Retro Style with Modern Looks & Different Levels too..
  • The controls really need to be fixed somehow. It is really confusing compared to what it was with the classic snake version. Tapping and swiping are both complicated
  • It's awesome but controls are awful
  • Space Impact pls
  • now....that's i called a classic