Snore? Talk in your Sleep? Find out with Sleep Recorder

Ever wonder if you snore? If you talk in your sleep? Does your wife/husband swear they don't snore? Sleep Recorder is an interesting Windows Phone app that records audio while you sleep and could help you answer those questions.

As well as recording your sleep cycles, Sleep Recorder also maps out where you've spent the night and uploads recordings to the cloud where they can be shared with others. Sleep Recorder is a unique app for your Windows Phone that can not only solve sleep related curiosities but also help identify sleep issues.

Sleep Recorder is laid out in straight forward fashion. The core of the app include a Record, Playback, Settings and Map pages. There are four control buttons along the bottom of the screen that allow you to pin the app to your Start Screen, copy a link for the recording, share the app, and rate/review the app.

Up under the three-dot menu you have options to access the settings, find your current location on the Map Page, remove ads by upgrading to the Pro version, and the typical contact the developer/view other apps options.

When you get ready to go to bed, just press the button at the top of the Record Page. The recording is delayed, to give you some time to get settled and will record until you awaken and tap the stop button. Recordings are then listed on the Playback Page. If you don't see the recordings, go into the three-dot menu and choose "show all". The Playback Page can be filtered to show only the recordings tagged as favorites.

Recordings can be uploaded to the Cloud (I'm guessing the developer's server) and a link can be generated to share the recordings with friends, family, etc. Setting for Sleep Recorder includes options to adjust the microphone sensitivity, the start recording delay and turning on/off the reminder to record, confirm delete and map location options.

Sleep Recorder will run under the lock screen and to prevent the battery from lasting the night, you'll need to plug your Windows Phone into a power source.

All in all, Sleep Recorder isn't a bad Windows Phone app. The microphone does pick up the slightest of sounds and my only reservation is with the "cloud" uploads. I'de rather have the option to upload and share recordings from my SkyDrive account. Luckily you can turn off the location tags on the records to offer a little privacy.

There is a free version of Sleep Recorder that is ad supported that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store. You also have an ad-free version, Sleep Recorder Pro, that is running $.99 which you can find here in the Store.

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George Ponder

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