Snowboarder Roope Tonteri to be sponsored by Nokia

I’m having a hard time recalling any extreme athlete sponsored by a smartphone company, one of you guys can clue me in on anyone below. But Nokia has done just that, they’ve picked up pro snowboarder Roope Tonteri and will join companies like Burton, Anon, and RedBull as a sponsor for the young Finn.

Don’t worry if you don’t follow the snowboarder scene too closely, we’ll fill you in. Roope is a 20 year old who has been racking up the wins lately. He’s currently ranked first in the World Snowboard Tour. The promo video Nokia put up on their YouTube account was shot with a Lumia 920. Nokia is also running a little contest where if you guess Roope's first phone you could win a Lumia 920 yourself. Check the source link below for the video to get the full details on that.

The big purpose of the sponsorship with Roope is for him to highlight and document his life through the Lumia 920 (and future phones).

The partnership between Nokia and the young Burton team rider should give Nokia a nice marketing edge with the action sport crowd. This isn’t the first time that Nokia and Burton have been in the same sentence. The two companies have partnered up in the past, recently producing an insulated case for smartphones in cold environments and a contest to win a Lumia 920 and go to Colorado for the Burton US Open.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Nokia show up in some snowboard films next year.

Source: Facebook, YouTube

Sam Sabri