Here's an interesting alternative to Microsoft's Office and Sharepoint ecosystem: Socialwok. It's advertised as the "social layer for Google Apps", almost like Google Wave but better thought out. In short, you can share, edit and collaborate on Google Presentation, Google Spreadsheet, Google Doc, post messages, photos, emails and files with your co-workers or collaborators.

For your computer, it just integrates with your existing Google account. But now you can also use it on-the-go with Socialwok's mobile application, just released to the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7.

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We loaded up the free app for quick tour and it's pretty straightforward: login in to your Google account, give Google permission to allow Socialwok access and that's it. Seems like a quick, painless solution for those who need to do this kind of work--in fact we may give it a shot here at WPCentral for a week to see if it helps us out.

Grab it in the Marketplace now. If anyone has experience with this service, hit us up in comments, because we're curious.