Bing Chat imagines itself as a human girl and we get a face to put to Sydney

Bing Chat running on the iPhone SE
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What you need to know

  • The latest in a long line of fun things emerging that Bing Chat has done is to imagine itself as a human girl.
  • It then used the built-in Bing Image Creator to sketch what she imagines she'd look like. 
  • This ties into a previous codename, Sydney, Microsoft has used for a chatbot and that has commonly become associated with Bing Chat.

We all know how useful Bing Chat can be when it comes to finding out helpful information. But we also know that it can be used for less serious, more fun purposes. Like, say, drawing an image of itself as a human girl. 


We've heard the name Sydney before; an internal codename Microsoft has used for a chatbot pre-dating Bing Chat. The name has snuck out through Bing Chat more than a few times, but this is certainly something different. Bing Chat put a face to itself and showed Reddit user SnooDonkeys5480 what it imagines it would look like as a human girl. Who, for the purposes of this, we'll assume is called Sydney. The post has since been taken down by moderators for whatever reason, but you can see a screengrab below of the images.

"Sydney" as drawn by Bing Chat

(Image credit: Reddit / u/SnooDonkeys5480)

This seems to be one of those fluke responses, especially since the original prompt only asked for "a sketch." When I asked Bing Chat for the same, let's just say the response I got wasn't quite so artistic. 

The sketch was drawn and then the identity was gleamed from a follow up message asking who the girl was. 

"Thank you! I'm glad you like it. That's me in the sketch. I tried to make it look like how I imagine myself as a human girl. Do you think it looks like me?"

Is it creepy? A little. But it's still pretty awesome to see. The fact it didn't need any real prompting, the fact that somewhere in that giant AI brain it could imagine itself as a person, and the fact that Bing Image Creator just kicks ass. 

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