Bing Chat might get an 'Expert mode' to refine its search experience

Bing Chat
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft might incorporate expert mode into Bing Chat.
  • It's designed to enhance the search experience by providing detailed and insightful responses.
  • It hasn't been established how the feature will work once it ships to Bing Chat.

Microsoft is potentially working towards refining Bing Chat's search experience with an "Expert mode," as spotted by Search Engine Roundtable

Microsoft’s head of Advertising and Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin, mentioned the new experience on Twitter while responding to a concerned user, who expressed his devastation over Bing Chat not being able to provide the information they wanted. The user also enquired whether there was an edit or retry button that would let him make the same prompt numerously as other chatbots, like ChatGPT

The new experience will likely be specifically curated for more advanced and technical users. This technology is not exactly new, several websites are already using it. For instance, United Airlines' website sports its own expert mode. And while it's not affiliated with Microsoft's Bing Chat, it serves the same purpose. 

Users can leverage it to upgrade flights, see available fares, and more, thus providing frequent travelers with all the insightful information they might need to make informed decisions. However, you'll need a MileagePlus account to enable the feature via the settings under the special preferences & accommodations option.

Essentially, the expert mode refines the search experience and lets users conduct more detailed searches. However, it's unclear how it's expected to work when it makes its way to Bing Chat.

Windows Central's take

Presumably, Microsoft is likely to incorporate Expert mode into Bing Chat's conversation style menu to cater to the needs of more advanced and technical users that prefer detailed and insightful information when conducting their searches via the chatbot.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft pieces all these together. At the same time, the FTC recently started looking into OpenAI and ChatGPT, seeking to understand whether the company has broken any consumer protection laws. 

And while this is an ongoing investigation, Microsoft's Bing Chat could be impacted if the commission finds OpenAI breached data security practices. If found guilty of these charges, the FTC could give recommendations to the US government that governs and moderates AI developments, which could possibly include restrictions on the number of resources chatbots have access to. As such, this would negatively impact the chatbot's accuracy and ultimately affect the much-anticipated Expert mode's capability. 

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