Clipchamp update could make it the perfect video editor for TikTok and Instagram

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What you need to know

  • Clipchamp now supports recording voiceovers directly within the app and adding AI voiceovers through text to speech.
  • A future update will add the ability to identify long silences in a recording and delete some or all of them automatically.
  • Microsoft purchased the video editor Clipchamp in 2022 and has steadily improved the apps capabilities.

Microsoft just announced new features for Clipchamp that could make the app a perfect companion for social media. The app now supports text to speech editing, which includes options to adjust the language, voice, emotion, pitch, and speed of AI voiceovers. Clipchamp also gained the option to record voiceovers directly within the app.

Both of the voiceover related features are available no to customers using a personal account, meaning you don't need to pay for a premium plan to access them.

Microsoft also teased an upcoming feature that will make its way to Clipchamp in the near future. Soon, the app will be able to identify long silences within an audio track and then remove some or all of them automatically. 

Clipchamp Premium: was $11.99 per month now $7.99 per month

Clipchamp Premium: was $11.99 per month now $7.99 per month

Clipchamp is a video editor with a low learning curve, but it has enough features for more complex edits. You can use the app for free, but you'll be limited to 1080p exports. The free version supports the new text to speech feature. A Premium plan supports 4K videos, a brand kit, and many other features.

Best video editor for TikTok and Instagram

Clipchamp text to speech feature

Clipchamp now supports text to speech. (Image credit: Microsoft)

While TikTok and Instagram have built-in editing tools, sometimes you need to create a video on another program and then share the clip through your social media apps. Using another program lets you edit from your device of choice and then export a video that's easy to upload to all of your apps. Why limit your content to one platform?

Clipchamp already has a lot of tools that make it a good choice, such as a simple interface, AI editing tools, filters, effects, and a library of free-to-use and royalty-free affects and audio. But turning text to speech is a major addition for video editing in 2024.

If you spend any amount of time on TikTok or Instagram these days, you'll hear familiar robotic voices narrating pieces. Text to speech makes it easy to add a narrative to a video without having to record voiceover or have good source audio. But it can sound repetitive and using the same voices as everyone else can make it hard to stand out.

Microsoft's text to speech feature for Clipchamp lets you choose the emotion and pitch of your AI voiceover. You can also adjust the speed of the audio. Again, these concepts aren't exclusive to Clipchamp, but the update to the video editor means you have another option for AI voiceovers that could stand out in a crowd of the same few robot voices.

Best free video editor

Clipchamp from 2022

Clipchamp has improved greatly since Microsoft purchased it in 2022. (Image credit: Future)

There's no shortage of free video editors on Windows or the web but Clipchamp continues to gain features to compete. Clipchamp is not as powerful as Davinci Resolve or some other video editing applications, but it's much simpler. When I need to sit down and make a complex video with several layers and adjustments, I still default to Davinci Resolve, but Clipchamp is a solid choice for simple edits.

I think there's a space for more powerful editors and Clipchamp, particularly if Microsoft continues to add features like text to speech. When Microsoft purchased Clipchamp in 2022, the app was limited to tremendously low resolution on the free plan and lacked many basic features, even for a free editor. Microsoft has steadily closed the feature gap and added tools that make Clipchamp one of the best free video editors on Windows and the web.

It's still hard to recommend the paid version of Clipchamp, since your options grow greatly once you're willing to spend over $140 per year, which is the non-sale rate of Clipchamp premium. But the free editor is worth a look.

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