Microsoft finds itself ranked among the top 20 best tech companies for internships

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has been ranked among the top 20 tech firms that interns would recommend to their friends.
  • The company also ranked as the best-managed company for the fourth time in a row recently.
  • Microsoft's compensation packages might act as a great incentive for new hires and interns.

internships serve as a great pathway and induction into career life, typically for students a few months from graduation. It provides a great opportunity to apply and showcase your expertise in a field based on everything you've studied.

Admittedly, landing a job can be a daunting task, the same also applies when it comes to internships. Finding an organization providing the perfect life-work environment or even one that pays you to intern for them. The situation gets worse when it comes to tech firms.

According to a recent report by, approximately 42% of tech interns are willing to recommend their organization to a friend on average. However, Salesforce received glowing recommendations from its interns with a 99.22% recommendation rate. NVIDIA comes in at 7th place with 96.40%, followed closely by Microsoft at the 13th spot with 94.92%.

This news comes shortly after Microsoft was ranked as the best-managed company for the fourth time in a row. TIME magazine also ranked it as the best company in the world back in September based on employee satisfaction and other metrics.

A hearty laugh to the bank for new Microsoft employees

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A few months ago, information leaked revealing how much Microsoft compensates its new hires. The payment guideline highlighted that the highest-ranking employee pockets a base pay ranging from $231,700 to $361,500, a hiring bonus of up to $1.2 million, and $1 million in annual stock awards. The lowest-ranking employee on the other hand goes home with a $42,500 salary with no extra compensation. Finally, as a rule of thumb, employees living in expensive areas such as New York get better compensation packages to mitigate the high cost of living in such areas. 

As we all know, compensation is a huge incentive that plays a major role in any employee's performance index at work. And if the payment guideline highlighted above is anything to go by, we have at least one reason why tech interns recommend their friends to Microsoft.

However, per a leaked Microsoft poll, less than half of the employees who took part in the survey were willing to retain their positions if they got better offers elsewhere, further citing that the lack of a pay raise negatively impacted their performance index and morale at work. Not forgetting the announced 10,000 jobs cuts before the end of FY23 Q3.

If you've worked or interned for Microsoft, would you recommend it to your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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