Microsoft tailors Copilot AI with data, systems, and workflows using extensions for a seamless flow of work

Microsoft Copilot
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is introducing new capabilities to Copilot Studio to help developers build sophisticated copilots that can respond to data and events for specific tasks and functions.
  • The new capabilities will allow copilots to reason based on actions and inputs and even learn new things based on user feedback.
  • Microsoft is also improving Copilot's user experience with extensions that will present users with a unique and tailored experience. 

Today at Microsoft's annual developer conference Microsoft Build 2024, the tech giant announced that Microsoft Copilot Studio is introducing new capabilities to help developers build copilots that can respond to data and events for specific tasks and functions.  

This will allow copilots to handle complex tasks and long processes, as they can rely on their knowledge and memory. They'll also be able to reason based on actions and inputs while simultaneously learning from user feedback. Copilots with the new and improved capabilities will also be able to ask for assistance when in situations beyond their scope of knowledge and reasoning. 

Microsoft brings extensions to Copilot for a tailored user experience

Windows AI Copilot

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Users have openly discussed the various ways they use Microsoft Copilot. And now, Microsoft is working toward improving this experience further using extensions, including plugins and connectors. 

According to Microsoft:

"With Copilot extensions, users will get a Copilot experience that is tailored with the data, systems, and workflows they use every day — all in the flow of their work."

Developers can build Copilot extensions using Microsoft Copilot Studio or by using Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code. Copilot extensions from apps like Jirta, Mural, and more are available in preview for Copilot for Microsoft 365. Admins can control access to Copilot extensions via the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Finally, the new experience will allow developers to easily add plugins to their Copilot extensions from API endpoints using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.

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