OpenAI forced to temporarily ban ChatGPT Plus sign-ups amid AGI superintelligence hopes

ChatGPT Plus temporary ban on sign-ups
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What you need to know

  • OpenAI has temporarily paused ChatGPT Plus sign-ups.
  • The company's CEO has indicated that this is due to the high number of subscriptions it is getting after its just-concluded DevDay developer conference.
  • Users can still sign up for the service and will be notified via the app once subscriptions are reopened.
  • OpenAI is currently working on a fix for this issue.

OpenAI has been forced to temporarily pause ChatGPT Plus sign-ups. The company's CEO, Sam Altman, made the announcement earlier today via X (formerly Twitter), citing that there's been an increased number of users signing up for the service after its just-concluded DevDay developer conference. 

Altman added that the company is unable to comfortably accommodate the needs and demands of the massive number of users that have signed up for the service. He explained that they want to provide users with a great experience.

Users interested in signing up for the ChatGPT Plus service can still do so. However, they'll need to practice patience as the company works on a resolution for this issue. The company will notify users via the app when subscriptions are reopened.

At its first-ever developer conference in San Francisco, OpenAI revealed that over 100 million users leverage its services and tools weekly. It added that more than 90% of the Fortune 500 businesses are building AI-powered tools using its platform.   

Generative AI is gaining a lot of traction, despite earlier reports citing that ChatGPT is getting dumber and losing accuracy, there's even been rumors looming in the air indicating that OpenAI might be on the verge of bankruptcy

What is ChatGPT Plus?

OpenAI and ChatGPT

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ChatGPT Plus is an optional subscription service with a $20 monthly charge tied behind it. Unlike other free AI-powered tools, the service will grant you access to advanced and sophisticated tools, including GPT-4, ChatGPT plugins, and Code Interpreter. Not forgetting the capability to generate tailor-made GPTs, which can serve specific purposes and early access to new features.

Is the world ready for superintelligence AI?

Image of a GPT4 AI robot hacking a computer

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For quite some time now, we've known OpenAI's Sam Altman's generative AI dreams stretch way beyond the horizon, hoping to one day hit the AGI superintelligence benchmark. 

As it seems, these dreams might come to pass. While speaking to The Financial Times, Altman revealed his plans to secure more financial muscle from one of its biggest investors, Microsoft, which will, in turn, be used to build sophisticated AI models. The CEO disclosed that OpenAI's extended partnership with Microsoft was on the right track, and it's likely to get even better in the foreseeable future. 

Altman disclosed that the company enjoyed great revenue growth this year, though it did not make any profits due to the amount invested in training its models. This is despite the recent complaints revolving around the GPT-4 model across social media platforms, including the r/ChatGPT subreddit, with some users citing inaccuracies and others indicating that GPT-3.5 was better.

In another interview, when asked about Altman's AGI superintelligence hopes and dreams, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella indicated:

"I’m much more focused on the benefits to all of us. I am haunted by the fact that the industrial revolution didn’t touch the parts of the world where I grew up until much later. So I am looking for the thing that may be even bigger than the industrial revolution and really doing what the industrial revolution did for the West, for everyone in the world. So I’m not at all worried about AGI showing up, or showing up fast. Great, right? That means 8 billion people have abundance. That’s a fantastic world to live in."

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