Windows 11's Microsoft Store is getting AI-powered reviews and dedicated 'AI Hub' features

Microsoft Store AI Hub
The new AI hub in the Microsoft Store. (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced that AI is coming to the Microsoft Store app on Windows 11.
  • App reviews and searches will be aided by AI and enhance the end-user experience when discovering apps.
  • There will also be a dedicated AI section in the store that curates AI-powered Windows apps.

Microsoft announced at Build 2023 that the Microsoft Store app on Windows 11 is being enthused with AI technology to make discovering apps and finding apps that leverage AI easier than ever. The company is bringing a dedicated "AI hub" to the storefront that will curate AI-powered apps from third-party Windows developers.

In addition to the new AI hub, Microsoft is also adding AI to the search and reviews experience within the Store app. In the near future, the Store app will be able to summarize reviews for an app, providing the user with a general overview of the quality of an app without needing to read individual reviews.

Microsoft is also adding AI-generated keywords, a feature that will help developers better target their apps via improved SEO for app descriptions. And there's even a new AI-powered ads feature that will recommend apps to users based on programs they've downloaded previously.

Users will be able to generate a summary of reviews using AI. (Image credit: Microsoft Store)

Here's all the announcements Microsoft has made about the Microsoft Store today:

  • AI Hub: Microsoft Store on Windows is introducing a dedicated section that will curate the best AI experiences, built by the developer community and Microsoft. AI Hub, generally available soon, provides users a simple way to discover, learn and experience the everyday benefits of AI. Developers can now submit their AI experiences to the Microsoft Store on Windows.  
  • Microsoft Store Ads expansion: Microsoft Store Ads will expand in two significant ways starting in June. It will serve more than 150 regions, supported by Microsoft Advertising, and will be available in Bing search results. There’s also the addition of a spotlight section on Microsoft Store on Windows, a new premium location for developers to promote content and the ability to leverage videos. 
  • AI-generated review summary: Microsoft Store on Windows makes it faster and easier for customers to scan app reviews. Using the power of AI, reviews are analyzed and compiled into a simple summary, making it easier for customers to discover new content. This feature will be generally available soon. 
  • AI-generated keywords: Developers soon will be able to reach more customers with AI-generated smart keyword suggestions, resulting in more precise SEO for their product description pages. 
  • Restore Apps: When transferring to a new Windows 11 device, app icons will automatically be pinned to their same location, whether in the start menu or taskbar, making a new device feel familiar from the first sign in while also helping developers retain customers. This update is in preview and available to Windows Insiders today. 

Microsoft has unveiled a number of new features that are in the works for Windows 11 today, including a new AI Copilot, RGB peripheral support, and more.

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