Some carriers blame MS for NoDo delays

Tired of waiting for NoDo to hit your device?  Well, despite some reports that the carriers are to blame for the hold-up, it could in fact be Microsoft's doing.  Two European carriers have said that they have approved the NoDo update and are waiting on Microsoft to roll it out.

Vodaphone UK was quoted on the record today that updates for the LG Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy have “been approved by Vodafone and will be distributed by Microsoft in due course.”  They did not have any information on when the rollout would begin, but did say they would notify their customers via eForum as soon as they knew.

Orange, another UK carrier, also said that they were waiting on Microsoft to initiate the NoDo push.  A representative stated that, “the current plan is for Microsoft to roll out our approved version on the 29th March."  WinRumors has written that an third European carrier, who asked not to be named, told them that they, too, have approved the update, but that Microsoft was “treading slowly” in the wake of their recent mishaps.

Hopefully, these delays are Microsoft doing extensive testing to avoid further problems.

Source: WinRumors

Seth Brodeur