Our top Windows Phone apps and games for toddlers

It may sound clich'e but kids are vital to our future and thus we need to utilize modern technology to ensure they're ready for education. This is where Windows Phone can come into play with multiple learning apps and games available on the store for download. It's not always just about learning new skills and preparing for school, kids also need forms of entertainment.

We've compiled a short list of apps we believe are worth checking out should you have children and the best part about this collection is no single choice is the best. Try to choose a number of apps and games to help provide variety and see which one(s) your toddler takes to.

Pre School Essentials

Pre School Essentials

While there are numerous skills toddlers need to master as they grow, Pre School Essentials really nails these on the head with content specifically tailored to the early learning of children. To help provide your child a head start in life, the app sports interactive experiences that covers the following:

  • ABC Letters and Phonetics
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Colors
  • Shape puzzles
  • Tracing

It's worth noting that while the app itself is listed for "free", you're required to purchase games you wish your toddler to enjoy. It's a small issue we'll overlook as this is a highly rated Windows Phone title.

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Toddler Counting

Toddler Counting

Toddler Counting does exactly what it says in the title. It's an interesting app that aids a child's learning through a motherly voice. It's perfect should you wish to set your toddler on the correct path to learn to read and write. Utilizing the touch screen, kids can learn to write on-screen and enjoy the overall experience.

There's also the option to learn to count, working out just how many objects are displayed on-screen and more. The only issue with the app is the number of advertisements included. This can lead to the child being distracted by what's displayed alongside the learning material.

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Kids Learn & Play

Kids Play & Learn

Now this is an interesting option for toddlers. Kids Play & Learn keeps things thresh with new colorful, yet educational, games added regularly for kids aged between 2 and 10. Toddlers learn about different colors, shapes and more advanced topics like counting, opposites, numbers, sounds and even simple math.

There are even concentration tests with jigsaw puzzles covering various difficulties. There are 8 categories, 55 games and 877 levels in total. Not a bad collection. The developer urges parents to get in touch with new game ideas, so don't hesitate to utilize the provided email address to help add new resources for others to enjoy.

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ABC Letters

ABC Letters and Phonics for Pre School Kids

This is a simple app which is also available for both iOS and Android (and reports over 1 million downloads cross-platform). Five skills are covered in ABC Letters and Phonics, including:

  • ABC Letters and Phonetics
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Colors
  • Shape puzzles
  • Tracing

These games encourage active participation, early problem solving and vocabulary growth, whilst being fun. Just like Pre School Essentials above, which also has one free activity, additional activities can be purchased within the app.

QR: ABC Letters And Phonics



The official Ladybird solution for kids is available on Windows Phone too. Phonics brings 12 motivating levels for kids to play through, perfect for supporting their synthetic phonics learning at school. Parents can even choose to unlock levels at any time. It's an entertaining app for all toddlers to enjoy.

To help make it as perfect as possible, Phonics has been tested in schools with children who are currently being taught Phonics in both Reception and Year 1 (UK). Playing through levels will see kids learn, blend, segment and practice the 44 sounds of the English language. Completing each activity will earn a star.

Ladybird's I'm Ready for Phonics is a solid way to support your child's phonics learning in a comprehensive and user-friendly way, without worrying that you are deviating from work done in school.

QR: Phonics

Tim the Fox

'Tim the Fox

Tim the Fox helps children learn how to dress for weather, distinguish between edible and non-edible foods, count to ten and construct some awesome puzzles. Tim the Fox will help kids with the following:

  • Memory training
  • Logic training
  • Counting skills
  • Bright and funny graphics
  • Fascinating and useful playtime

There are multiple mini-games available, tasking toddlers with dressing the fox, feeding the fox and even gather and counting harvested fruit.

QR: Tim the Fox

Cbeebies Playtime


If your toddler is a fan of CBeebies, the Playtime app for Windows Phone is a superb choice with all the channel's favourites and games for kids, including Andy's Dinosaur Adventure. There's a focus on creating an entertaining experience for young ones with upcoming updates planned in the pipeline.

Kids who enjoy content offered will develop reading and writing skills, listening, observation, movement development, creative skills and knowledge about the world around them as well as having fun and developing confidence for all children, including those with special needs with Mr Tumble and his friends.

QR: Cbeebies Playtime

So there are some of our picks from the Windows Phone Store, but what about apps and games you've come across as parents? Let us know some of the apps you have installed for your kids in the comments below.

Rich Edmonds
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