Someone got Windows 95 to boot on a Nintendo 3DS, because why not?

Windows 95 may be over 20 years old, but some people are still finding new ways to hack into Microsoft's old operating system. But with some ingenuity and elbow grease, somebody's apparently managed to get Windows 95 to boot to the desktop on a Nintendo 3DS handheld console. Because that's totally a thing that normal people too.

Windows 95 desktop Nintendo 3ds

That somebody goes by the handle "shutterbug20001", and posted an image showing the Windows 95 desktop booted on the 3DS on the GBSTemp message boards, and posted a video showing the Windows 95 start screen actually running on the console. The code to get the operating system running on the 3DS has been shared online, in case you're feeling enterprising enough to try it yourself. Obviously, this is something that is not exactly a project for the casual or novice programmer, but it's both darned cool and a demonstration of the great lengths some will go to to do things simply because they can.

That, or the Nintendo 3DS is the next great portable productivity tool.

Source: shutterbug20001 (YouTube).; Via: MyNintendoNews

John Callaham