Sony releases an app for Windows Phone…to get you to switch to Xperia with Android

Is Sony making a Windows Phone? The rumor started to get serious way back in December 2013, although, since then, nothing substantive has come about, suggesting either the info was bogus or talks fell through. Indeed, Sony has spun off their PC business recently, suggesting a cooling with Microsoft in general, (and forfeiting any future tie-in).

Now, Sony has an app for Windows Phone but before you get too excited, it appears to be nefarious tool to get you to switch from Windows Phone to Xperia with Android. The app is dubbed Xperia™ Transfer Mobile and it is part of Sony's program to ease those coming from iOS, BlackBerry, and now Windows Phone onto a new Xperia with Android.

The app lets users of a new Xperia device sync their contacts, including selecting individual bits of information, from their current Windows Phone. From the app description:

"Afraid you'll lose valuable information when switching to an Xperia™? Don't worry. Xperia™ Transfer Mobile is an ultra-easy, safe and simple app that'll help you move your contacts, messages, photos and much more from your old smartphone or tablet to your new Sony Xperia™."

Indeed, Sony even has a handy YouTube video demonstrating how the app works and they have a website setup for Windows Phone users.

As far as we can tell, there is no evidence to suggest that a Sony Xperia device is in the works for Windows Phone. In fact, throughout the app it explicitly avoids conflating Windows Phone with 'a Xperia device'. Furthermore, since Windows Phone already can transfer everything to a new Windows Phone, this app would be redundant, unless Sony had some proprietary Contacts system, which seems unlikely.

For those thinking this is weird, just remember, Microsoft does not block apps on the Store just because it may work against their interests. Technically, this transfer app does not violate the Store's Terms of Service (ToS), and Microsoft would have little ground to reject it – they are not Apple, after all.

Regardless, if you want to peep the app, or maybe even you are switching from Windows Phone, you can grab the app below with the Store link.

Thanks, Ismail B., for the tip!

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