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God of War director 'would love' to see game hit PC

God of War
God of War (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • God of War is an incredibly popular action game on PS4.
  • Director Cory Barlog said he "would love" to see it on PC.
  • You can play it on PC at the moment through PlayStation Now game streaming.
  • You can buy God of War for $20 on Amazon (opens in new tab).

God of War is an incredibly popular PlayStation 4 (PS4) game, but you can play it until 2020 on PC through PlayStation Now. However, the streaming service doesn't give you a crisp presentation and there is considerable input lag. Many PC gamers want to experience the title, but with even better performance and visuals.

Recently, Sony Santa Monica's Cory Barlog was asked if God of War would ever come to PC natively. Barlog said the following.

A few months ago, Sony said that it was looking into bringing more of its multiplayer games to PC. While God of War is probably not going to make the jump, you never know what the future holds. For a long time, we thought that Sony would never give into cross-play and now it's a different story.

Would you want God of War on PC or are you content with playing it on PS4 or PlayStation Now? Let us know. I know that the game would be a sight to behold in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second or higher.

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  • Given that the point of console hardware is to sell the games that they actually make the money on, it could well make sense for Sony to bring some/all of their games to PC. There's a certain amount of overlap between the console crowd and the PC gaming crowd but it would require some calculation and prognostication to determine whether the direct financial benefits of selling games to PC owners would be outweighed by any loss of income due to fewer PS consoles being sold.
  • As a PC gamer, I'd certainly play GoW. It's the one and only game that I've ever watched a full play-through of online. I play single-player games exclusively and GoW look like one I'd really enjoy. I'll never buy a PS though, so that's at least one sale they've missed out on.
  • Same here dude....i prefer pc over both consoles. So, ms got my money with gears 4,5 & Will get with halo mcc, infinite on pc.
  • I don't see it happening, but that would be great. That said, for some of Sony's single player games, that you're only likely to play once, you could just subscribe to PSNow for 1 month and beat them within that time.
  • I would have done just that but it's not available here in Australia.
  • Exactly. Which is why their big first party new releases would never be available on PSNow or a Gamepass like service because nobody would ever buy those games. They have no replay value. They are weekend rentals that you play for a few days or a week and never play again.
  • I kind of think Sony has to. I mean to stay relevant as games move towards being as part of a service as opposed to a console. It's turning I to an industry where it's much more about being a service company as opposed to limited to a device company. Apple are still relevant today, but hold a much smaller marketshare than MS and Google. Because Android and Windows aren't limited to 1 specific hardware. The same will be for Console manufacturers. There will still be a place for a console only manufacturer. But they will be left behind if they don't bring their stuff to multiple devices. Whether that be through a streaming service or also bringing games natively to PC. MS exusives has seen a huge rise in payer counts since bringing all titles to their services and PC.
  • I understand that game exclusivity is all about business. But sony should think about expanding to PC, as they can sell more games and get more people invested in there franchises. Having a really powerful PC is expensive and not everyone will have the capital. So, they. So they can still sell consoles. But man to play Last of Us or Horizon zero dawn, would be amazing on PC.
  • Would be nice, but honestly I have enough games to play in the PC ecosystem already, and I feel no envy for any single title. If you ask me, though, the world would be better without console exclusives.
  • I believe the proper phrase is "When pigs fly..."