SoundByte SoundCloud app for Windows 10 is today's myAppFree deal

The app is regularly priced at $2.99 and with the help of this week's myAppFree promotion you can grab SoundByte free during the next 24 hours. It's an easy way to pick up another music source for your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device, as well as your Xbox One.

SoundByte requires a SoundCloud account that can be based on your Facebook, Google or email accounts. Once created you have the ability to view and listen to sounds from SoundCloud's charts, follow users, create sets and upload content.

Other features for SoundByte includes notifications when new sounds are posted by people you follow, support to pin sets, users and sounds for easy access, keyword searches and shuffle sounds, and sets to mix up your music.

Soundbyte for Windows 10 normally offers a free trial version, and the myAppFree deal removes the time restriction on that version. It's not the most conventional way to pick up an app for free, but it works. The downside is that you need to take advantage of this myAppFree deal from your Windows 10 devices separately.

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  • Do the developers get any kick back from myAppFree?  I feel guilty getting an app for free like this if devs don't get paid in any way...   
  • You figuired it out Wizzwith. This is a major piracy scheme on a very visable tech blog taking advantage of developers.  Shameful huh?  /s
  • Developer Here: The kickback from this promotion is mainly the publicity. In my mind the huge amount of extra users that download the app outweighs the normal amount of users that buy the app every day. This way I can have a larger audience and fix bugs quickly so everyone can have a nice experience.
  • But it showing popcorn trivia in todays myfreeapp deal.
  • Have you tried the store link? That should show the 100% off offer
  • Audiocloud is very good, but I'm willing to try this out if it's free.
  • Audiocloud has been the best Soundcloud app I've seen for any platform. But I'll check it out as well
  • Shout out to the Developers still supporting the WP platform and the UWP program! One Love...literally.
  • What device are you taking the screenshots on? The left hand side screenshot shows some padding issues that I should really fix asap.
  • We need smule
  • The UI is a bit off, like the button and labels bit overlapping each other.
  • Which device are you using? (So I can test the app at that resoultion)
  • Sorry, I'm referring to screenshot in this article.
  • Ahhh okay, just gotta figure out what device was used to take that screenshot!