SPB Online Picks up First Carrier (In Russia)

Remember when SPB launched their new application SPB Online application and we wanted to see if Verizon or AT&T would pick it up? Well it looks like the Russians beat us to the punch. A company called Sky Link is one of Russians largest CDMA operators in that part of the world and will be one of the firsts to launch with SPB Online customized for their local preferences. The first device rolling out with the integration is the AnyData ASP-505 in November (and we thought the U.S. had funky names).

We Reviewed SPB Online not too long ago and came away impressed enough recommend it to carriers for pick-up, though whether it's a good buy for the average consumer is another story. I personally like the fact that Sky Link has realized the potential with SPB Online. I dislike the fact that here in the U.S. companies like AT&T will probably never pick up something like this because it would compete with their own crapware they install.

WC Staff