Spinballs Special Edition - Review

If you're looking for a bubble buster type game with a twist (or in this case spin), check out the Windows Phone game Spinballs Special Edition. Spinballs SE is very similar to the original Spinballs game but adds an additional gaming mode (more on this in a bit).

The object of the game is simple, line up three or more of the same colored balls to have them explode off the screen. The twist or spin in this case is that the balls are placed on seven spinning wheels.

Throw in two game modes, four bonus items, a pesky timer and you've got a decent game on your hands. Spin on past the break to read more about Spinballs SE.

Game Layout

Spinballs SE Main Menu is simple and straight forward. You have options to play the game, access a brief tutorial, check on the high scores, access settings (music and sound), and a link to contact the developer.

Spinballs SE has two game modes, Classic and Zen. The Classic game has a countdown timer at the top of the screen. As long as you're creating combinations, the timer will be replenished. Get stumped and let the timer run down, game over.

The Zen game has a more relaxed pace to it. You play as long as you can find combinations. Each game mode has internal levels that are triggered by score. As you move up in levels, the combinations get a little harder to spot and time passes a little quicker.

The layout of the game has seven discs that contain six colored balls. The object is to spin the discs or wheels around to create combinations of three or more of the same color balls. Once a combination is created it will be highlighted and you press the center button at the bottom of the screen to collect your points. Once the balls are removed, the entire wheel is replenished with new colored balls..

Around the perimeter of the wheels are bonus items (elements) that are charged by connecting balls from the adjacent wheels. Three of the four elements are consistent throughout the game.

The radiation symbol will blast all the balls from the playing field. The x2 symbol will double your scoring. The funny looking symbol at the lower left corner will re-arrange the balls.

With the Zen game, the fourth element is a battery symbol that re-charges each element as you create the combinations. With the Classic game the fourth element will freeze the timer.

Game Play

In the early stages, Spinballs SE almost plays itself. Combinations are created automatically as balls are replenished, giving the game an easy feel to it. This ease of play helps get you used to identifying and creating combinations.

Wheels can be spun clockwise or counter-clockwise but you often forget this fact when racing against the timer. Animations are nice and the elements can be a big help.

Spinballs ran smoothly with no bugs, glitches or crashes experienced.

Overall Impression

Spinballs SE is a fun, entertaining game for your Windows Phone. While it begins a little on the easy side, the game does become challenging enough to keep from getting boring.

I like the twist on the traditional bubble burst type games. The Zen game is great to pass the time with and if you just need a quick fix of a Windows Phone game, the Classic game works out nicely.

There is a free trial version available for Spinballs SE with the full version running $2.99. Spinballs (non-SE version) also has a free trial with the full version also running $2.99. The only difference in the two is the Zen game mode.

You can find Spinballs SE here (opens Zune) and Spinballs here at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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