Splitgate open beta continues with Season 0, available today on PC

Splitgate Season Zero
Splitgate Season Zero (Image credit: 1047 Games (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Splitgate Season Zero is now available on PC, with consoles coming soon.
  • A video shown off at Gamescom continues to present the Halo-meets-Portal gameplay the game has become famous for.
  • The announcement also showed off the new map, Karman Station.

The Splitgate open beta continues with the release of Season 0, which is now available now on PC with a console release incoming soon. The update was announced at Gamescom 2021's Opening Night Live on Wednesday.

The biggest change with the new season is arguably the introduction of the Battle Pass, which will offer players daily and weekly challenges to complete throughout the season with over 100 levels. Battle Pass players, in typical battle pass fashion, will have access to more premium challenges that offer more rewards and will reportedly be more difficult to complete.

There's also a Contamination Mode, which is live today. The new mode gives some players contamination and a melee weapon, and they have to contaminate as many players as possible. The other players have to kill them with a shotgun; they earn points based on how many contamintated players they kill.

Season 0 launches also with a new map, called Karman Station. It has a big center area and a sniper tower for the controlling team, which should change up gameplay.

Splitgate's beta has been a huge success, with 10 million downloads in the first month. However, it was plagued with server issues, even having to take the beta offline for a while. A queue system was integrated while the small team worked to fix the problem. The team later received a $10 million investment and instituted server upgrades

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