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What you need to know

  • Spotify 2019 Wrapped has launched, recapping your year of music streaming statistics.
  • The feature identifies your top annual tracks, artists, genres, and more, presented via a sleek slideshow. 2019 Wrapped also extends into decade trends, touching on up to 10 years of listening history.

Spotify has kicked off 2019 Wrapped, its latest annual tell-all of your music listening trends, recapping 12 months of streaming playback. The feature dropped after an earlier teaser, serving up a brief slideshow of your most-played tracks and artists, and providing an insight into your broader Spotify statistics. This year extends into a 10-year journey, rounding the conclusion of the decade with an overview of how your tastes evolved.

Wrapped continues to gain traction with its yearly return, providing hard data previously not possible before the age of music streaming. The site has returned in 2019 for all Spotify Premium subscribers, exploring your songs, artists, genres, and now expanding into your podcast library too. The feature includes a throwback to past years of Spotify listening, identifying the hits of the decade among your library.

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Spotify 2019 Wrapped is accessible via the Spotify Wrapped website or a story-style format on the iOS and Android apps. It also revives the social ties of earlier years, generating shareable cards to proud reveal (or hide) your preferences among friends.

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