Sprint Busts a Cap on Yo ....Data

It's bad enough that we bash Sprint and give them grief every now and then, but when they bash themselves in the head... that's just crazy. See, the one thing Sprint had going for them may be coming to and end. That's right boys and girls: Sprint's unlimited internet plan now is "unlimited" with those scare quotes. The rumor is that they'll cap you at 5 gigs a month, joining the likes of AT&T and Verizon. Really, it's tough to blame Sprint, after Verizon and AT&T made record earnings, if they jumped off a cliff Sprint would probably think about doing the same.

Maybe after losing 1 million customers Sprint just snapped like a crazy parent fed up with the kids, and like any angry mom decided to restrict privileges. Now sprint users are grounded from unlimited internet. Since all the major the companies will be rocking similar data caps, might we suggest switching to the fastest provider? If you're sticking, then the expected dooms day is July 13th 2008 -- get your download on while you still can.

WC Staff
  • Well if they go through with this then they will lose their 1,000,001 customer. Cheap unlimited tethering was the ONLY reason I am with Sprint. Actually funny you posted this because yesterday I couldnt connect to their network with my PAM plan. I had to call their tech support (joy, joy) and they had to cancel my data plan and reinstated it to get it to work. Maybe they are starting early because I totally use more the 5gb/month. Who knows? You would think that being a distant third in the race they would want to retain customers......
  • Does this cap apply to SERO plans?
  • I emailed dan@sprint.com and received this reply:
    I'll believe it for now, but the rumors are flying around by too many companies to be false.
    {"Dear David,
    In regards to your concerns there is no cap that is going to be placed on our Simply Everything data usage. This simplified pricing plan allows our customers the freedom to enjoy unrestricted usage of their phone without worrying about high charges and overages. These false rumors are intended to stir controversy towards our one of a kind plan which is threatening our competitor's business. We thank you for voicing your concerns and we hope to have restored your confidence in our company.
    Thank you again for contacting Sprint.
    Andrew Myers