Sprint decides they like the Arrive; tout it for business

It was less than two weeks ago that we told you that Sprint made the HTC Arrive the posterboy for their trade-in program for people to upgrade to the iPhone.  Then, two days after the story (not that we're taking credit) they changed their mind, thinking that the Arrive may be a handset worthy of holding onto (the same cannot be said for the LG Lotus Elite). 

Now, in the latest edition of Sprint Connection, they are actually promoting it.  The caption praises the Arrive, now with WP 7.5, as a great tool for business owners, touting it's ability to stay connected to people and easily take notes using the text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities.

Like we said, we're not saying we had anything to do with this, but it sure is refreshing to see Sprint give props to its only WP7 phone, and one of the better first generation WP7 phones across the board.

Source: Sprint (Thanks for the tip, Mike!)

  • Too little, too late Sprint. Unbelievable how they think people only want Android and only want CDMA. And now they are destroying their plans. Oct 30th, I am cancelling both my lines.
  • Eh I'm content with Sprint and my Arrive for the moment, although a Nokia device on Verizon may change things. Somehow during the last twelve months, I haven't used more than 1GB of data per month. In fact, looking at my usage history, I've only gone over 320MB once in the last six months. Of course, the Arrive is only a 3G device and we all know how slow Sprint's 3G has become... and I also latch on to wifi networks both at work and at home... and I don't use Google Maps/Navigation/MyTracks anymore because they're not available on Windows Phone... but it's still interesting. The 2GB cap doesn't seem as daunting anymore, but with LTE that may change.
  • I rather stick to sprint unlimitted plan has only provider to offer this. Has why you want be charge after you surpass 2GB???Also i wish sprint will add more wp 7.5 phones instead of just 1 wp 7 phone.
  • No disrespect, but what makes you think Verizon is going to get another WP7 device? I currently own the trophy via verizon, and they like many of the others do not promote WP7 or even now how it works. The trophy is paid for by the company and I personally own a Samsung focus. The Trophy is no comparison to the Focus. I wouldn't want a Nokia device to be given to them. At least ATT sales multiple variations of WP7 giving it a better chace of being bought by a consumer. All VZW cares about is Apples & Droids.Sincerely,Unhappy VZW Customer
  • "No disrespect, but what makes you think Verizon is going to get another WP7 device?"Well.... http://thisismynext.com/2011/10/26/verizon-staff-spotted-nokia-world/This, combined with the fact that Elop promised CDMA and LTE devices in 2012, makes me think a Verizon device is probably coming in the near future. But otherwise, I hear you re: frustration with your carrier and their enthusiasm for WP7 (or lack of enthusiasm). But at least Verizon is at least checking things out at Nokia World.
  • I think they are still mad about the kin. lol
  • Where is that LG WP device that is CDMA going to go? I heard it was through the FCC.... than nothing. No gossip, Nada. Throw a bone here, guys.... let us know....
  • I dunno about you, but I'm finding it difficult to get excited about an LG device.
  • How putting some devices where your mouth is. Doesnt matter AT&T is where Im going to anyways
  • "Everybody All Aboard".....I'm a satified ATT customer who owns a Samsung Focus; ATT is really the only carrier who invest in WP7 as shown by the variations they carry. As far as dropped calls go, I've rarely had any...I'm in Texas and can't speak for other geographics, but welcome aboard.
  • On Saturday the 15 of October Sprint was using My Arrive as the poster boy for the trade in program I sent them a email and emailed my account rep. On Sunday October 23 after not getting any reply to any of my emails I dropped my 15 year old Sprint account paid the $75 ETF and activated my number on AT&T. Problem Solved...
  • That's the only way they will listen.
  • Thats the way to do it!
  • only $75? I'm trying to get them to let me out for free, can't take their barely usable speeds anymore.
  • Outstanding. Be great if AT&T recieved all kinds of new buisness from Sprint and Verizon due to WP selection.
  • well atlease they are pushing the WP now ,, to little to late????its never to late!but what’s true... is that WP7 is actually lacking ALLOT of features to be considering a business phone...Text to speech? how is that good for business...how bout giving me the same feature in the MS office system that i did in WM6.5 !!!!! excel , PowerPoint , word ... all suck in wp7.5 compare to WM6.5how is staying connected to people on facebook ( face book integration ) good for business? lol...does are all regular consumer points......like saying .. WP7 GREAT for Business stay connect on XBL!! Lol….. please…
  • I use office via my WP7 to keep up with helpdesk tasks I perform everyday and it works fine for me. I also login to skydrive if I want to use a larger screen to modify those docs. I also access my sharepoint & OneNote via my WP7. Outlook on WP7 connect and syncs with my exchange server seemlessly. If you were in Information Technology then you would know how hard it is to keep user off of social networking site on corporate computers....I would rather them access them via the cell phone instead of corporate computers & laptops. Leave troll
  • When I saw that "great for businesses" I just thought about the fact that I can't sync my Arrive to my corporate email system because WP7 doesn't support device encryption. It COULD be a "Great for Enterprise" platform.. heck, it SHOULD be!! ...and with Tango, I certainly hope it will be. I don't think the enterprise will be willing to wait for Apollo or whatever comes after that...
  • Finally people realize that iphone 4S is NOT a Business phone it just an entertainment phone is all that crappy iphone 4S is about. This is why i prefer windows phone 7.5 Mango phones over all iphones and android phones.I wish Sprint added more windows phone 7.5 mango phones. Even thou my contract ended Sept 11. I am just paying by month to month and can leave sprint anytime now. If sprint will not have no new wp 7.5 mango phones arriving this year or next year than i am out go for ATT which i really dont want too because ATT plan Sucks and now they are using stupid Tier plans and no more unlimitted plans now it hard to switch. But i will think about it has i heard there will be many new Wp 7.5 mango coming to ATT like the Samsung Focus S which is high end wp 7.5 mango phone which i am eyeing on that phone to come next month. I wish sprint bring the samsung focus S phone than i will stay. Been member of sprint for 15yrs now and have same data plan.
  • Sprint 3G speeds is way faster than tmobile and ATT and also verizon.
  • Hate to break it to you dude, but PCMag recently performed a speed test survey and Sprint 3G came in DEAD LAST in every region. Here's the testhttp://www.pcmag.com/Fastest-Mobile-Networks-2011#fbid=MKQh9x1AxQGEven Cricket and MetroPCS were faster than Sprint's 3G. In some regions, AT&T's 3G was faster than Sprint's 4G, and in other regions is was almost as fast.I'm a Sprint customer and have been for a long time. Since 2005. But I'm paying $86 a month for data that is dead last among all carriers. It's pretty frustrating.
  • wow, Verizon 4G is where its at huh, I wonder If I'll miss unlimited data. I have sprint, it sucks! if nokia brings any 4G phones to Verizon before sprint, I'm leaving. I'll probably pay over 800 in ETF's but who cares. It's too slow.
  • according to PCMag and actual experience sprint has the SLOWEST 3G network and its exactly why I'm going to t-mobile.
  • haha, now we're playing suck up, eh Sprint?
  • Am very happy with my SPRINT ARRIVE still new to me but already proving to be a better device than any android or apple previewed. Sprint signal is strong in my area, better than Verizon or AT&T or T Mobile so zooming fast doesn't do any good if there is no signal!
  • Anybody got good (or bad) rumors on new Mango-ized phones coming to Sprint? Willing to entertain just about any nonsensical suggestions...just want some news, any news regarding something noteworthy coming to Sprint that doesn't involve a fruity OS or an unusable, hacked-up IP stealing OS...;)techiedude