Sprint decides they like the Arrive; tout it for business

It was less than two weeks ago that we told you that Sprint made the HTC Arrive the posterboy for their trade-in program for people to upgrade to the iPhone.  Then, two days after the story (not that we're taking credit) they changed their mind, thinking that the Arrive may be a handset worthy of holding onto (the same cannot be said for the LG Lotus Elite). 

Now, in the latest edition of Sprint Connection, they are actually promoting it.  The caption praises the Arrive, now with WP 7.5, as a great tool for business owners, touting it's ability to stay connected to people and easily take notes using the text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities.

Like we said, we're not saying we had anything to do with this, but it sure is refreshing to see Sprint give props to its only WP7 phone, and one of the better first generation WP7 phones across the board.

Source: Sprint (Thanks for the tip, Mike!)

Seth Brodeur