Sprint document shows Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade in March

All but confirming what we've been telling you for what seems like forever, a  "Sprint Small Business Catalog" mailer posted at PPCGeeks shows the Touch Pro 2 "software update coming in March." Seeing as how we're about a third of the way through the month, we should be seeing it any time now. Or not. We're not going to count our chickens on this thing until the update's in hand.

And the question remains: Will we see Sense 2.5, like on the HTC HD2? Or just the regular flavor? [PPCGeeks]

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  • Way too little, much too late; I'll keep my MalRom :)
  • who cares? we all know it was gonna be march.... still no date beyond what we have known since they first announced it last year
  • If it comes with sense 2.5 I'll ditch the custom roms in a heartbeat. Not that I don't appreciate what the custom rom community has done, but they can't match the stability of the roms directly made from the carrier and manufacturers.
  • No, it will not have 2.5. HTC has proclaiming that the HD2 is the first smartphone with 2.5. HTC will not allow a 2.5 (official) upgrade for a device before, at the same time, or just after the HD2 is released in the U.S. Sorry.
  • Although this does make sense, I'm not sure I buy it. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part. However, there is some merit to the argument that Sprint delayed the ROM release to prepare 2.5. Also, why would they lag behind competitors who are apparently including 2.5 on their TP2 phones.
  • Meh. We'll see when it comes out. T-Mobile users and other HD2 prospects wouldn't jump ship to Sprint and the TP2 just because it might get Sense 2.5, too (most people, I think, anyway). Besides, I don't think HTC would be hurt if one of their phones sells a little more than another of theirs...
  • It's funny because I remember reading someones sarcastic post on ppcgeeks that we would see Android on our TP2s before we see a Sprint upgrade. Well now that I have Android running now comes a 6.5 upgrade.
  • With this news i think touch pro 2 might come out sooner than later like many expected...whoa diamond 2 or touch pro 2...hmmm imma see if i can score both..