Sprint launches Windows Phone 8 landing page, signs of what's yet to come

Sprint has already announced that the mobile operator will be releasing Windows Phones later this year, and now the company has launched a landing page on its website for Windows Phone 8. It's a sign of what's to come, confirming that a "pair of Windows Phones" will launch by summer 2013.

Which devices will be sported by the operator? We're not too sure. Consumers could be looking at anything from the ATIV S to the Lumia 520, or even a re-branded 8X.

Unfortunately there's not much to go on, but we'll be keeping our eyes open for any details to leak out pointing at potential candidates for Sprint's Windows Phone 8 push this year. The good news is we could well be looking at a rather large launch and the platform desperately needs a US mobile operator to back Microsoft and promote multiple Windows Phones.

Windows Phone is coming soon to Sprint.

Source: Sprint; thanks, kromatico, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • WOW, it's about time, I would not use Spint myself, No LTE coverage in anywhere close to me (Verizon has LTE at my home and work).
    I think this would make a lot of people happy...
  • Yes.. Arrive users have been waiting forever.. Well I left them a while ago. But for unlimited data I might go back with them if they get a Nokia I will seriously consider them.
  • If you do decide to go back, buy your phones outright and go with Ting instead.  They are a Sprint MVNO and they have the best prices of any MVNO I know of.  Sadly my 920 won't work on Sprints network :(
  • But do they accept WP in BYOD? For what i read some months ago they only take android devices, have they change the policy?
  • They have mentioned a few times that they have already been in talks with Sprint to offer the WP8 devices as soon as possible.  Now whether that is BYOD or buying straight from Ting, I'm not sure.  But they seem to suggest they will have WP8 devices as soon as Sprint does, or maybe just a few weeks later.
  • I see.. Thank you for the advice :)
  • No problem.  Although I've come to learn that in the world of Windows Phone its never a good idea to rely on advice that promises "it will come soon".  I remember telling my brother, who was on Verizon, to hold off on getting the Trophy because surely they would have better models sometime soon.  Well those better models did indeed come.  almost 2 years later...  That being said, I'm 66% sure that Ting will have WP8's by the middle of the year :)
  • Yeah.. Well right now I am happy with my unlocked L620. If something better comes out for Sprint, I might switch..
  • Their "Support" for BYOSD only means that they can walk you through the process.  Their forums have several Arrive users that have made the jump, and I'll be joining them in the next week with mine!
  • Oh really? I'd be very interested in bringing my Arrive over to Ting and save some money versus getting the latest, greatest phone for a little while.
  • Just say the site...sucks they don't have unlimited text messaging but a tiered plan instead
  • Tiered works out to be a lot cheaper for most people than unlimited plans.  I looked at what me and my wife use as far as data, texting, and minutes goes.  We pay $100 total to AT&T and thats with several discounts applied (used to be $120 before I called to try and quit).  But with Ting, we would be paying less than $50!  Maybe some weeks we might use extra data and go up to $60.  I suggest estimating your usage and trying out their calculator to see how much you would actually pay.  If you use an incredible amount of data/texts/calls then sure, go for unlimited plans.
  • I'd love a Nokia phone, but from what I've read it won't happen. It had to do with Nokia using Chinese based CDMA encryption versus the alternative which Sprint uses. I'll dig up the source if needed.
  • Well, they've been out for 6 months already!!! Christmas is coming too, at least we have a date for that. To the people who have an Arrive with an off contract now THIS BLOWS!!!!
  • I bet Sprint comes out with CRAPPY Phones and then Complains that Sales Suck Again
  • This!
  • Ahh..   seasoned Sprint user I see.
  • And here I left sprint for at&t oh well I don't miss sprint at all. :)
  • I left sprint also back in auguast for AT&T and never looked back!
  • +1
  • Yeah, AT&T is the only US carrier that has really proven their dedication to carrying the best Windows Phone devices.
  • However, they are the only ones that delay the updates a TON of time.. Well at least they release them..
  • Didn't 920's on AT&T get the Portico update very quickly? Anyways, your talking to a guy with the Build version that didn't get it until yesterday.
  • Yeah the 920.. I am talking the likes of Tango and Mango it took some time until the really old devices got it.. Even some were stuck on 7740 until WP 7.8
  • Don't forget that most first generation Windows Phones 7 devices on AT&T are still "officially" only up to 7720.
  • Yes they do carry the best windows phone but they are far from being a premier partner. They bring crappy carrier apps and look like they were built in a week. They really support Android and release multiple apps for that platform.
  • Sure, but what other carrier does a better job?
  • +1. I am not missing Sprint at all.
  • I left Sprint last April for the L900. Service in the DC Area is night and day compared to Sprint. My girlfriend got an iPhone 5 two weeks ago and thinks her 1 Gen Evo had better reception on Sprint. I won't go back either
  • +5 Phones moved off Sprint for the Nokia 920..... I would not go back to Sprint under present network Conditions.  For the First time in 7 Years, I Cell works in my Office. 
    I am less then 20 miles from Disney World, why is it so hard for Sprint to fix their coverage.
    THough I had to call ATT CS alot in the first 2 months, they were awesome in support.......
  • Left Sprint as well.  Moved to AT&T.  6 WP8 devices and 1 iPhone (14yr old daughter, 'nuff said).  I may not miss Sprint's service (which wasn't TOO shabby... I just knew to tell anyone I was on the phone with that I WOULD lose them in two spots on my work commute), but I do miss Sprint's Unlimited Data Plan.  And I REALLY miss the bill I received from them.  Had they not been so reluctant to provide WP8 devices, I'd still be sporting their logo all over the place. 
    That being said, I got 43.35mbps down/11.39mbps up the other day with my speedtest app.  I was so happy!  Then I was sad.  Why on earth would I ever want to take advantage of that speed when my dataplan is capped?
  • What exactly did you have to call att for?
  • Is it weird that they use a graphic that is not truly reflective of the wp8 experience...
  • That's the first thing I noticed as well!
  • what a joke. and the link to the page is http://www.sprint.com/landings/windows8/index.html
    probably they didnt realize the difference between windows and windows phone
  • Yeah, talk about mixed messages. The one header on the right clearly states Windows 8, then underneath talks about windows phone
  • Not necessarily.  Rogers does the same thing: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/os-windows-8.  If they're offering Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices, maybe it's easier to just call them all "Windows 8"? :-S
  • Problem is its not accurate. Under "Windows 8" they advertise Kids Corner for instance.
  • Hmm!  They are definitely using “Windows Phone” tiles, as there are the 3 different sizes.  Windows 8 currently only uses 2, although I can see that changing with Blue.  But the layout is definitely Windows 8.  Could it be that Microsoft is changing the orientation of the Windows Phone (currently scrolls up and down) to match Windows 8 (scrolls left and right)?  Or it could just be Sprint doesn’t know how Windows Phone works!
  • The later. Someone just took various tiles from different themed WP8 devices and mashed them together to get a collorful (and what they believe) attractive picture.
    I'm all for WP8 and W8 merging in terms of services and UI with the end goal being that a future Windows will run on multiple formfactors (changing shape as it moves from screen to screen). However Microsoft should be mindful of whether they go monocollor theme or multicollor theme. Monocollor wins various design prices but is often considered boring by the general public. IMO they should let you choose whether you want your own selected theme collor or a collor decided by the app developer.
  • Sprint said back in January they'd be supporting more than just phone. The specifically mention PC's as well.
  • I understand what you are saying. However, their information is not correct. Windows phone does not run Windows 8. And labeling a header Windows 8, then describing WP8 functions below it is wrong. What if people wanted a Windows 8 device, and they start looking for kids corner(clearly listed as a Windows 8 feature on the site)? Its bad business and shows they have no idea what they are trying to advertise. Its just bad. Trying to justify it...?
  • Agreed. I actually wish WP8 looked more like this. It'd be cool to have a background color other than black or white. I'd also like to be able to change the colors of individual tiles. Who knows, maybe we'll get those options as WP8 and W8 become more unified.
  • Uhh, I don't wish it looked like that. They don't even match the background color in between the tiles. It looks so stupid and obviously not the real thing. Amateurs.
  • i thought the same thing at first and then thought.... 1080p screen GDR2 (whatever its called) screen?  hmmm
  • Ya, that's a horrible graphic. The pasted the WP screen which has black background (in between tiles) on a purple background that goes to the edges of the outer tiles. Looks like shit. Some dumbass at Sprint needs fired.
  • Needs to be fired for a graphic?
  • Right ear is muc hbetter
  • I finally had to leave sprint (HTC arrive) because their coverage was lacking and had no announced windows phones. this could be good for those signing for Ting.
  • Yeah, I've been pinning for Ting ever since I saw their crazy good prices.  But I and my wife both have 920's and I dont want to get new devices any time soon.  So I guess I'm stuck between StraightTalk or possibly TMobile pre-paid options. Either way, as soon as her contract is over, were moving off these f*** insane carrier priced plans.
  • Hmmm, the next Saturday 31st is in August. Seems to farr away.
  • The calendar indicates "Sat 31."  Saturday the 31st.  Might be a clue, might not be a clue.  But the next 31st that falls on a Saturday is August 31, 2013.
  • I doubt that's it.  Rarely does something get released on a Saturday. They also say... "by summer 2013" not "in summer 2013."   So, that almost sounds like late spring/early summer.  It's all just speculative, though.
  • Hope its an ATIV S, need that in the states
  • This is awesome folks. Windows phone on t-mobile, at&t, Verizon and soon sprint. And Nokia with more momentum than ever before. Pandora launched and we have a bevy of gameloft games coming. Instagram inevitably coming soon and windows phone blue on the horizon. I dont think we have to wait until wp9 for our platform to take off. I think 2013 is the turn around year!
  • +1
  • +1
  • +1000
  • TOO LATE SPRINT! YOU HAVE LOST ME TO ATT! And yeah, the customer service is terrible, but their network is amazing. I consistently get 30mbps almost everywhere I go. It is a shame that I have to use my included internet sharing on my 920 so that my family and friends that have sprint can use decent internet. But yeah, I am happy that Sprint is finally getting Windows Phone 8. This will be good for the spread of the Windows ecosystem
  • Customer service can be hit or miss. I've had great customer service with AT&T sometimes, but others not so much. It just depends on who you get. Probably like that with any service.
  • I honestly wouldn't even trust Sprint with WP. They didn't support the Arrive, didn't push out updates, plus used it as a poster child for iphone upgrades. I since left Sprint for AT&T and couldn't be happier. At least I know AT&T will push out updates for my phone and support WP, even when it was struggling
  • You must have a different AT&T than me... Still waiting for them to update WP7 devices beyond Mango (1.5+ year old). Seems only Nokia gets updates with them.
  • You should just force update your phone. Why wait?
  • Yep, I did and am enjoying 8862. My point was in general, not specific to my device. I shouldn't have to use workarounds to get updates from over a year ago. Just sayin.
  • Too little too late for me! Dumped Sprint for AT&T when it was time for WP8 upgrade. Never forgot Sprint's dropping WPs....
  • I expect Sprint to jump right out in front with their shiny new HD7s!
  • I am hanging onto my Sprint plan by a thread at this point (only due to my plan) but if Sprint launches 1st gen WP8 devices on their network (Ativ S), I'm jumping ship.  Sprint has been nothing but disappointing and I honestly don't know why I'm still with them.
  • I bet cheap and unlimited data is part of the reason.  I love my Sprint service.  No 4G LTE yet though...
  • Cheap & unlimited data is the only reason. To be honest, unlimited data means nothing when the data connection is slow as balls. I use the hell out of my phone every month but never manage to use more than 1gb because the service is so slow. Spring service is like buying a car with amazing gas mileage but has a max speed of 35mph.
  • Been on Sprint for several years an am jumping ship in June for either a 920 or 928 (or hopefully an EOS). The "cheap unlimited data" should be cheap unreliable data and with the small footprint I don't even consider them a 4G provider.
    I am Sprinting from Sprint.
  • Sprint sucks. I have them for work and I always end up using my Lumia 920 to tether because sprint is a snail
  • Too little to late, but I guess it's better than nothing
  • Here's an opportunity for Samsung to make things right with their Odyssey line of Smartphones!
  • Knowing my luck on VZW...,
    Sprint will launch with the Nokia 928 stabbing me in the back.
  • Finally the Arrive people can update I hope you guys get a Nokia!! But I agree with not trusting sprint after palm trusted them and they pretty much pushed them aside for Android no matter the long history they had
  • They are 100% NOT getting a Nokia. HTC or Samsung will be there only choice.  Also, don't expect a big marketing push by Sprint for Windows Phones. They'll put it on their shelves and that's about it.
  • Thanks, smelled like them getting 928 on market before big red.
  • Big Red has a better chance of getting the 928 than Sprint. Has to do with Nokia's choice of CDMA encryption vs Sprint's preference. Nokia isn't changing, so Sprint won't carry their phones.
  • Sounds a lot like their Arrive launch strategy.
  • Cant lie, thats a HUGE downer for me. Im one of the OG Arrive owners, as much as Nokia is being active and constantly growing. How can I get excited about an HTC or Samsung device?
    Will I be able to activate a Verizon Nokia on my Sprint account??
    And Daniel, how have you been able to tell that Sprint wont be giving WP a real ad campaign? Their behavior so far?
  • no Nokia? Suck it sprint...
  • As an obessive Sprint sub/Arrive owner and a frequenter of Sprint's 'Windows OS' forums (it's ok, Android is 'Android OS').. this landing page has been up since the middle part of January. It hasn't changed any wording since and the moderators/Sprint reps on their forums frequently refer to it as part of their 'stay tuned' rhetoric.
    As I'm extremely happy with Sprint confirming they'll be carrying Windows Phones by summer... how about something a little more specific? I think this all hinges on Microsoft's ability to meet Qualcomm's CDMA security coding standard (which Apple/Google have met) which Sprint mandates for their devices to follow (and the FCC is currently recommending). Verizon does not mandate the Qualcomm standard also offering China Mobile's security standard (which is not as secure as Qualcomm's) which Microsoft currently uses it seems.
    In our own WPC forums, 'mrmdj31675' has written a bunch of good posts explaining why we haven't seen Sprint WP devices.. and due to the coding issue, the fault may be more Microsoft than Sprint. Since this comment box won't let me post the thread (flags it as SPAM?), just go into our forums > Carrier Discussion Lounge and select the thread titled 'Really Sprint?'
  • I've read about this. Thanks for posting the info here.
  • I would say give Sprint the giant middle finger but Windows Phone needs all the new adopters they can muster. And I'm sure there are some loyal Sprint customers that are patiently waiting for Windows Phone.
  • Loyal? Been with them for over a decade. Only reason why I haven't jumped ship to ATT is because I'm reluctant to more than double my bill. Even then, I'm still considering it even with this recent announcement...
  • I'm with TMobile and been with them 12 years now.  But I can't bring myself to AT&T because they simply overcharge.  But they sure get all the best damn phones first.  It's a shame.  The one phone they never got was the HTC HD2 which is a beast of a phone.  To bad TMobile can't strike gold again.  Hopefully, you'll get some real decent Windows Phones sometime this year on Sprint. 
  • This doesn't look like windows phone 8 or windows 8. Unless Sprint is really inept, could this be a preview of windows blue or an update to the OS releasing on new phones slotted for the summer release?
  • Personally, I wouldn't mind for Windows 8+ to support 3 tile sizes.
  • hahha love it now all you fools who keeps whining and left sprint are for sure fools. Unlimited data can't wait use it on wp8 when it comes. I knew it will come.
  • Enjoy your WP7 in the mean time....fools
  • Enjoy your Not unlimitted data fools and also your high cost of bills to pay. Oh also watch out for your over the data usage lol you dont want get a $10 over the limit charge AT$T now let me go back watch my Netflix on my wp unlimited data hahaha
  • People have different priorities, get over it.  Grats to you and your patience if you get a device you want, when you want it and for the price you're willing to pay.
  • Lumia 920 AND unlimited data.
  • What good is unlimited data at dial up speeds? June can't come soon enough for me (to leave)
  • Data speeds are really bad in Las Vegas with Sprint.  You're right, unlimited data at dial up speeds is just whack. I left to AT&T and its been great. I get great LTE speeds and when I couldn't get a good phone call in my house, AT&T gave me a MicroCell, no charge. So far its been a good relationship with AT&T.
  • I would bet a EVO Branded 8X will land on Sprint since the One is now the top tier HTC Android offering.  It's a guess.
  • Well hopefully they get something decent I can then recommend it to a co-worker :D
  • Did Sprint make up the Live Apps feature?
      Live Tiles - Arrange your Start screen just how you want it and see everything that's going on, as it happens. Live Apps - Only Windows Phone 8 has Live Apps, putting all the information you want right on your Start screen. Kid's Corner - A worry-free way to share your phone with your kids. SkyDrive® - With SkyDrive, your photos, home videos, and Office documents go wherever you go
  • I believe Live Apps refers to apps that let you jump to a specific sub-section of the app via Live Tile (Like an item you're watching on ebay or something) rather than just opening to the start page of the app.
  • I never thought of that. Good thinking.
  • Did you guys noticed that tiles in different colors and landscape mode...?
  • Sprint conform that they'll get new windows phones, not a remodeled one from a year ago.
  • Sprint execs are notoriously hostile and disrespectful of the WP platform.
  • Once again, you are dead wrong!  Sprint did support the Arrive.  It was Microsoft who did not put the effort to push the platform on the CDMA side (which has the 2/3 majority in the US market) as they did on the GSM side.  I still demand to know why did Windows Phone 7 only saw TWO CDMA devices, and were only from HTC, while none were offered to the prepaid side of CDMA, while giving everything to the GSM side including Marketing support and the kitchen sink.
    Also explain why Microsoft refused to use Qualcomm standards and use subpar China Mobile based coding and cell network encryption?  Are you going to blame Sprint as well for  what is obviously a Microsoft created problem, which the FCC wants fully addressed ironically by this summer (when the next hearings involving the four major mobile platform developers is scheduled).
    Then again, asking Steve Ballmer these questions is considered taboo because is "more fun" to blame Sprint, and flood with spam, and bully anyone who ask the same obvious questions I ask.
  • While you are providing good information, you have to consider that the average consumer is not going to dig in as deep to find out who to blame. You just blame the most visible entity that is providing you the service, not the provider to your service provider.
    If anything, Sprint should be communicating this to their user base. Tell us why it's taking this long, and that they're doing all they can to expedite it. But they're not, and because of this they do deserve the blame they're receiving.
  • That is his/her opinion and unless you are a sprint exec that can confirm otherwise it is not correct to say he/she is wrong. You make a great point. My experience with sprint is how it was sold, distributed, and marketed to me at that time. Sprint holds blame, and as you mention so does MS. I would not consider how sprint handled the arrive as "support" in my opinion and experience. When you walk into a sprint store and employees have no idea the device exists and tells customers not to buy the device only shows partially how sprint had poor support for the device. There is plenty of blame to go around.
  • Not wrong at all. Sprint even went so far as to use its only WP, the HTC Arrive to make a point about Android devices that were going EOL. Months before it reached that status. Sprint is straight up hostile.
  • If Sprint was hostile to Windows Phone 7, how come EVERY CDMA carrier had only one WP7 device for which most carrierd the Arrive/Pro 7, while Verizon carried the Trophy?  Every CDMA carrier says is a MICROSOFT issue that for two years they have refused to properly addressed because it involves having Qualcomm involved in order to have the proper coding and encryption working.  
    Go ahead and blame US Cellular, Premier, C-Spire, Appalachian Wireless, MetroPCS, Cricket, OpenMobile de Puerto Rico, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Net10, Straight Talk, and the rest of the prepaid and postpaid CDMA carriers in the US, as well as all CDMA carriers in Asia (especially in Japan, South Korea, and India) for the total lack of Windows Phone devices on their networks.  All of them will point to Microsoft for using substandard China Mobile based CDMA coding and encryption over Qualcomm standards (which is what Sprint/FCC are requiring), as well as Microsoft being too GSM oriented in CDMA heavy countries when it comes to flagship devices.
    Also explain why Microsoft focuses their Marketing strategies in the US to AT&T and T Mobile, while refusing to do the same exact thing for Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular.  Before you attempt to answer this question, have in mind Verizon still does not get any marketing support from Microsoft as it gets from Blackberry and  Apple.
  • Save it pal. I don't know why that was and I'm sure as hell you don't know. You got so much nonsense on this but yet SPRINT DID offer the HTC Arrive. FCC my foot. So save it. You sound foolish. Look, I know this. I spent 2 years with that messy service. From almost day one, it was one lie after another. Even before I got my HTC Arrive, that company was less than expected. You trying to spout the company line like some fool looking for a sprint job. It ain't happening man. It has been a struggle with me and I could not wait until I could finally break my contract after they changed my SIGNED agreement with them.
    But on the real, what is in it for you? You been dick riding my comments about Sprint in every post. I bet you don't even own a Windows Phone and never have. You sound like this loser on FB that used call this website WPCen-troll. I bet its you! Almost a cut / paste of that BS he used to say on FB.
  • Tech, are you upset he has exposed you for refusing to get to the bottom of the CDMA drama between US carriers and Microsoft?  Let me reveal to you he's waiting on a pending FOIA request made to the FCC in regards to the 2011 hearings so that you could be very assured (as well as WPCentral) have been absolutely wrong on the issue.  Also, if I was you, I would refrain from making unproven accusations on who I am if you cannot prove so.  If you are still upset because  I mentioned you by your real name, let's deal with it privately, and not make it the center of attention on this topic discussion out of respect to the other members and the moderators, as well as the reporters and sute owners.
  • UMAD?
    We are not even close to a need to prove who you really are. Its unnecessary but people here should be aware of your demeanor.   Having said that, your initials here are exactly the same as those on the Sprint Facebook pages bearing your FULL name except for the Mr part. Your game is exactly the same as you could never keep to the subject.  Never. This is your MO.
    You batter and berate everyone that you disagree with on Sprints Facebook like you own it. You don't even work there and you beat up on everyone, no matter if it is a woman or child. You beat them down and seem to enjoy yourself doing it. 
    Yeah, I know you.  You continue to refer to WPCentral as WPCen-TROLL like you hate those using a Windows Phone for some strange reason and refer to every blog writer on this website from Rabino on down as a TROLL; praising Android as superior on those pages but yet, you're here.  Trolling. LOL.  Get real.
  • And you think cursing and using my username can tell you who I am?  I know you hate M****** for exposing you as a fraud.  If you want to handle this in a proper way, why don't you take this to pm and show some respect to the members here?
    If you don't like having someone pointing out inaccuracies when it comes to the Sprint vs Windows Phone (when in reality is CDMA carriers in the US and Puerto Rico being shun by Microsoft), then I respect your opinion, but to engage in attacking someone because you think is M****** (censored the name because he has no interest in joining this site), you need to change your strategy, especially when making a very explicit comment which last time I checked is not acceptable at all based on the terms and conditions of usage on all Mobile Nations sites.
  • HAHAHA. You need to give it up man talking about "respect for others."  I bet I could bring 60 people who you're disrespected in the last year for no reason other than they said something you didn't like about a Sprint. That some kind of deranged Stockholm syndrome you got there buddy.  Playing the role of the victim. That's up next. All I'm saying is, Sprint is a nightmarish telco with garbage for a CEO a host of subordinates who spend their day lying to customers.
  • You are still clueless on my idendity which makes you look more foolish than I originally thought.  As a matter of fact, sounds like you want to start a flame war, which neither M****** nor I are interested in getting involved because time has proven right what Sprint and every CDMA carrier has been saying for two years.  The platform has gone unsupported outside of GSM, which is about a 1/3 minority in Microsoft's home market.
    Obvious enough to do serious investigation?  Absolutely, but it would ruin the never ending bashing here against Sprint, because it's a Microsoft issue against CDMA carriers demanding current Qualcomm standards over China Mobile CDMA coding and encryption.
    @Daniel Rubino, this is a challenge to all the writers here at wpcentral.  It's time to ask Microsoft the hard questions about their problems with CDMA carriers outside  China Mobile and about meeting FCC standards recommended two years ago.  Bashing Sprint while ignoring a major issue involving Microsoft (as well as the FCC) when it comes to CDMA will make this site as irrelevant as PreCentral with all the Pre 3 bashing/spamming/trolling on all of Sprint's media sites.  Don't end like them.
  • While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I have to disagree with you. Sprint is to blame and always has been not to mention with the contract they've saddled themselves with the iphone it is making it tougher on all the existing customers. If you take a look at their (Sprint's) current offerings there are a bunch of old blackberrys, androids and the arrive (the only windows phone) is gone. Now they do have the S3 and iphone from 4 to 5 versions but it leaves the consumer with little in the way of choice not Microsoft's issue. And the support you speak of for the HTC Arrive is non existent always have been, I have three phones on my account android, ios and windows I receive tips from Sprint on how to improve my enjoyment of the other two but nothing for windows.
    Sprint has forgotten that when they didn't have the iphone they were ambitious while taking the approach we will make this work without iphone. However once the Iphone appeared customer peaks, listening to what brands their consumers wished for and creating partnerships to bring innovative and unique phones (Htc Evo 4G) to the Now network has disappeared and may never return.
  • Then explain why every CDMA carrier only had one WP7 device, and also explain why Microsoft shun prepaid CDMA carriers, as well as some regional postpaid carriers like Open Mobile and Alaska Wireless.
  • I would pose the question if it can be done once why didnt the operators push for it to be done again. Logic stands to reason that we cant answer why there is only one phone on cdma carriers but because there are WP7 phones using CDMA its surely not because microsoft cant support the CDMA tech. If that was the case there would be ZERO phones on sprints cmda network.
    We dont really know why. What I do know is that I am on sprint with an arrive right now. I develop apps for Windows phone. A microsoft rep tells me that updates are released and the carriers must then test and push them out yet my phone still hasnt recieved an update for disappering keyboard....released about a year ago...I know that I have never seen a sprint commercial for the arrive...I know that I have never seen an instore advertisement for the arrive...I know the sprint apps on the arrive are garbage...I know that the arrive was offered at 199.99 next to an evo 3d for free at my local sprint store just before it was EOL.
    What I know is my phone works on CDMA just fine and my CDMA carrier has made no effort to support my Windows Phone
  • Let me ask you a fair question.  Think about the China Mobile based CDMA coding and encryption used by Microsoft for CDMA devices which has been known is broken for the simple purpose of being used in China for obvious reasons (read:  governmentnwantnto know ehat their citizens say and do online), and what the FCC, Sprint, and every CDMA carrier in the US wants to use (full fledge Qualcomm based military CDMA standards in coding and encryption).   
    What do you prefer, broken coding for which the average hacker can gain full access to a device, or meet FCC standards for cosing and encryption for CDMA?  Your data compromised very easily, or your data and privacy being protected over a cell network (and I am not including apps because some can do that regardless of device, and that's another subject for another day)?  Your choice!
  • Your question is fair and to answer your question it is simple, anyone would want to have the higher quality coding and encryption. The problem is that in order for the arrive to be on sprints network it has to meet the FCC standards and that means that between Sprint and Microsoft CDMA tech is a non-issue as all the work is already done and in place. With that knowledge and the knowledge that its the Carriers job 2 push updates, promote phones,  and request phones from OEM's, the blame lies soley at sprints feet for not only the poor sales of the arrive and why there have not been any new Windows Phones on Sprint since.
    CDMA tech not meeting standards and such stopped being an issue for sprint once they got the arrive out. The logic is simple, if you can do it once, you can do it again and sprint just choose not to
  • When the Arrive and Trophy came out, standards by the FCC were not as high as they recommended.  Also, you have failed to analyze the fact those were the only CDMA based WP7 devices released for the US market.  To blame Sprint on your logic on why there were not more WP7 devices for CDMA networks in the US market, you have to blame EVERY CDMA carrier, and that logic is flawed as well knowing the FCC did order Microsoft to change the CDMA coding to current Qualcomm standards, something Microsoft does not want to do knowing they need Qualcomm certified coders (something they don't have since they got rid of the team behind Windows Mobile).
  • It may be that the FCC standards had change( please provide source ) but that still does not change my logic that sprint is at fault. IF CDMA tech was still the problem then verizon and sprint would BOTH have a problem but here we are just about 6 months after the WP8 launch verizon has 3 windows phones sprint still has ZERO. Once again at this point its not a matter of CDMA tech unless FCC standards changed since Feb 2013 after the ativ Odossy came out.
    Verizon is a CDMA carrier but the difference is they are willing to support the platform. Sprint and Verizon have CDMA and LTE, while their frequencies are different they are subject to the same FCC regulations. Another step further is that all of the hardware in the verizon CDMA phones are Qualcomm.
    So once again unless standards have changed since Febuary( please provide source ), Sprint is still at fault
  • They better hurry up. I have a lot of pissed customers hanging on to their old droids and crapple products waiting.
  • Well sorry Sprint. I left you over a year ago because of no Windows Phone devices. Too little, much too late.
  • Was over this last year moved to Verizon. Best move I've ever made. Sprints LTE is a joke. Now Sprint can complain about WP sales as most of us moved on.
  • Sprint sucks....they will half ass this
  • Yesssss!!! Getting tired of my laggy arrive in 7.8 lol
  • I blew up sprint on Facebook and got a message back after like a month they told me when they do decide to carrier wp8 the hardware and phones would be different but idk.
  • Sprint made it clear the devices will not be any of the current devices available (it discards the 8X, Ativ Oddyssey, and the entire Nokia Lumia line since Nokia and Sprint have no deal in place at this moment).  The devices Sprint is bringing have not been announced yet by HTC and Samsung, and both will have MicroSD slots, as well as LTE radios.
  • Would you please link to source?
    If we're getting next gen stuff, they really need to put it out there. That's enough reason for me to stop looking at ATT, especially since they're offering the 920 for free via MS Store.
  • He's simply repeating what Microsoft said back at CES in January. Bing it, or go here http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/01/10/old-windows-phone-8-devices-not-...
  • Man I hope your right in that Sprint really needs to make sure they come out with some really good hardware from HTC and Samsung. They need Not to have nothing less than 32gb of storage up to atleast 64gb. Also would be nice if the devices have NFC as well and wireless charging. Either way Sprint got to bring out a WP8 device know else has and got to be top end. I think the biggest thing they could do is get a top end Nokia device. In the end if what they come out with is not that good we might ser more Sprint too the door.
  •  Thanks for your interest in Windows phones running on the Sprint network. We're very excited to bring the Windows 8 system to our network as soon as possible. Often times developers may have exclusivity agreements with different providers that may hinder this taking place in a speedy fashion on alternate providers, or a developer could need more time to work with creation of a device. We have high standards for the phones we sell and certainly don't want to put a phone in any customer's hand that is less than the best. The phones and associated updates are pushed by the manufacturer. As we do not manufacture the phones, we work with them to push out updates as they make them available and the same goes for new devices. Our 4g LTE network is still in the process of being built out, with customers across the country seeing more connectivity by the day and being extremely happy with the results. We're working hard to make sure our customers have the best selection of devices and the best network to use those devices on. We're very proud to be bringing this to our customers and keeping our industry leading low costs along with truly unlimited data. Thanks for your long tenure with us and please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks! - Dan
  • Thanks for that DAN!
    I have the HTC Arrive and have loved this phone from the Get-Go. It is unfortunate that SPRINT was not able to support the updates that were sent out by Microsoft, even up to the most recent one 8862. I hope the new phones wont be the "poster child" for take backs to favor the iphone as it was last year.
    I am pretty excited as my wife and I were about to take our 5 lines to another carrier. We have been SPRINT customers for over 13 years (combined) and would hate to leave just because of the network connectivity (3G and 4G currently SUCK) is very slow. I have 3G and 4G phones... none have a fast internet experience.
    I hope the phones you guys carry will be better than the ARRIVE (which I love) and support TRUE LTE support so we can take advantage of the network plans we are paying for.
    Thanks and looking foward to another year with SPRINT if the phones come out as expected.
  • BY THE GODS!!!
  • I dont see a nokia device gettig on sprint till maybe 204  i doubt sprint will get the Ativ S, itll probably be the Focus or a updated version of it  for the htc device theres been rumors of a HTC ONE SV type device running WINDOWS instead of android  
  • Left after 10 yrs when 920 was released and couldn't be happier.
    Sprint is horrible CS,speeds and reception
  • Glad i left summer and "1st half" means june i was not goin to wait
  • I have little faith that Sprint will support any Windows Phone device properly. That's been my experience with the HTC Arrive.
  • OH yeah. Can you imagine. Updates would be held up. They would blame Microsoft and Microsoft would blame them leaving the people wondering what the heck is going on. 
  • Come on Tech, you know the updates beyond Tango were never sent by Microsoft, and HTC was not able to update that device on the CDMA side.
  • This is old news as the page has been up for a long time. Also Sprint support has been sending everyone to that page for any updates when it is released. Also Sprint announced that they will be selling both WP and Win devices. I'm loving that 4G LTE is being turned on this Spring in my area, WP8/9 is coming to Sprint and my eligibility is coming all at the same time.
  • According to Rich, "the platform desperately needs a US mobile operator to back Microsoft and promote multiple Windows Phones." What's needed more, way I see it, is the platform desperately needs for Microsoft to back Microsoft and promote Windows Phone.
  • +1000000000000000000000000
  • Sprint finally!!! They still suck though!!
  • This is great news
  • They'll be releasing outdated hardware and will cry foul when the sales aren't as great as they expect. Idiocy.
  • If they get solid LTE coverage, it's fast and get a Nokia Lumia Flagship device, I'll switch back in two years. But ATT is really impressive right now even when I am on 3G or 4G (HSPA+).
  • hope lumia 720 and samsung ativ S
  • If Dan Marino can throw the device through a tire ring...
    When Terrell Owens makes a youthful comeback...
    Should Sprint start upgrading their network...
    Ahhh, wishful scenarios.
  • Sprint already said they are coming out with a Samsung and an HTC device so why the question.  There will be no Nokia device.  Maybe a rebranded ATIV or 8S, but definitely no Nokia.  I guarantee one will have a keyboard and one will not just to catch both sides of the phone market and they will price them around $200 or more and put them next to free or cheap android phones and claim the WP8 devices aren't selling.  I Guarantee it.
  • Sprint has been clear it will not be any of the current devices available, as well as both devices will have microSD slots and LTE ready (perhaps also be global devices as they promised this year 95% of all mid and high end devices will be this year).
  • Sprint might get the leftover Symbian powered phones and throw a Carl Zeiss sticker on it. Nokia -001. SPRINT EXCLUSIVE. SPRINT fanboys and girls, there's hope yet.
  • people saying nokia there will be htc and Samsung. F**k nokia HTC and Samsung makes great phones. Who cares of nokia has long OS is same anyway.
  • The people who want Nokia devices on most CDMA carriers in the US (more specific on Sprint) have to understand that Nokia disrespected every one of them more than 10 years ago by calling them a "Niche" market, and by refusing to use Qualcomm approved radios (Nokia made their own CDMA components which lead them right to being sued by Qualcomm on copyright infringement and ilegal manufacturing of non authorized CDMA radios and components).
  • Please let them bring a nokia on to sprint. I have an HTC phone and it is really bad. I've had issues with Samsung so I'm really hoping they get in a nokia. Out of them all nokia also seems to be trying to design a decent looking phone for windows phone. Samsung's windows phone seems to be opposite of what they used to push out. HTC I don't really trust at this point so I'm holding out for nokia. (hopefully they get one)
  • Well summer is here and still no Windows Phone 8 on Sprint.
  • Yeah, if I can't get a Lumina 9xx by the end of August I'm off Sprint.