Sprint Mogul (6800) WM 6.1 ROM "leaked"

Oh sure, most people in the ROM cookign community know about this little story as there have been many,many variations with some form of WM 6.1 for a few months now. But it's a slow news day, so why not?

Word is this ROM (3.49, radio 3.39.10) for Sprint is indeed the "almost official, but still technically beta" WM 6.1 update that many are expecting this summer from Sprint.

Not too much in the way of changes though you get:

  • WM 6.1 (latest test build for this device)
  • HTC Large Start Menu
  • Sprint TV
  • Slightly faster

Plus all that RevA and GPS goodness from the earlier update.

The inside joke on this one is that Sprint "leaks" these updates now officially so the community can test out and fix the bugs for them. Either way, these "leaks" are becoming more frequent and I don't hear any complaints, so lets keep at it.

One important rumor: June 1st

That's the reported "official" release date for this ROM, but like always...don't hold yer breath. Unfortunately, no word yet on the other devices (Touch, Q9c, Ace).

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WC Staff