HTC Announces 6.1 Upgrades, Touch Dual coming to the US - Updated, Sprint this Summer

Well now, the Touch Dual is finally going to make its way to the US, being one of the first Windows Mobile 6.1 devices to hit the market. It'll be a full Quad-Band GSM phone with the 20-key “Suretype-esque” keyboard (we tried out the 10 key, check our You Tube Hands on, above).

More exciting, HTC also announced which of their devices will get the 6.1 update, here we go:

Update: Sprint has announced they will release the update on their devices "this summer."

  • The Touch by HTC and
  • Mogul by HTC from Sprint,
  • AT&T Tilt,
  • Alltel Wireless’ HTC Touch and PPC6800, and
  • the HTC TyTN II

...ETA is totally unknown right now, but they should be “among the first of many.” Hurry hurry!

WC Staff
  • any word on the Palm Treo 750 getting the upgrade?
  • The You Tube video says the Touch Dual is not going to come to the US, but the annotation below says it is. Which is true?!?!!?
  • WTF? The Touch Cruise is one of their latest devices and it's not on the list?
  • Hey, Engadget Mobile reports that Sprint also said about WM 6.1 device:Sprint: A new Palm Treo and updates for the Mogul by HTC, Touch by HTC, MOTO Q 9c, Samsung ACE
    Any confirmation dieter?
    Seams to be true:Sprint "also plans to launch a Palm Treo with Windows Mobile 6.1 software later this year.
  • I'll take a look. But we know the 800w is coming in July.
  • What about the whole 750 and MSCMDM thing (whoa - I typed that right the first time!). Thought that was going to mean good news for us 750 dudes.
  • Will the treo 750 get the 6.1 treatment also someone please say yes
  • Yes
  • thanks for posting!