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Sprint Releases Samsung Ace World Phone

We told you it was was coming soon and we didn't lie. The Samsung Ace is available now on Sprint. It's $449 before contract, $199. It's a little spendier than we'd hoped, but we sorta forgot about the Ace's key feature: It's a world phone. That's right, in addition to the CDMA bands, the puppy also sports GSM 1800/800 Bands (as in, no 3G on GSM that we know of). You can hit Fn + S to switch between radios (slick!)

The battery is also a full 1300mAH, which is slightly better than average these days for a YAQKWMS

Go check it out at Sprint

WC Staff
WC Staff
  • Looks like it might not actually be available in stores locally until March 1st.
  • is the screen the same tiny size as the Moto Q9c?