Sprint rolls out Windows Phone 8.1 update to Samsung ATIV S Neo

The team at Sprint may no longer be selling Windows Phones, but the carrier is still supporting the older phones with new over-the-air updates. This week, Sprint started rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1 update to its version of the Samsung ATIV S Neo.

The support page on Sprint's site states that the update will bring the phone's firmware number to 2216.14.11.2. Other than the Windows Phone 8.1 update, there's nothing else noted in the change log. AT&T's version of the Samsung ATIV S Neo got the same update a few weeks ago. It may take a few days for all of Sprint's devices to get the new update.

Owners of Sprint's HTC 8XT have been waiting patiently for the same Windows Phone 8.1 update to come to that phone — we contacted HTC today on this subject and they told us, "It's currently in the certified stage with Sprint and you can expect it in the near future."

Source: Sprint

  • Lmao
  • Care to explain the humour?
  • Because sprint just seemingly abandoned WP.
  • They just published an article about Sprint not selling WP in their web site
  • I know but I still don't think it's funny. Maybe I just need a refurbished sense of humour.
  • It's humorous irony
  • LMAO?
    Let Me Ask Obama.. :P
  • Lol
  • Let me ask Osama!? There you have it, no sense of humour!
  • Even Sprint is making Verizon seem aweful.
  • Agree 100%!  Verizon is looking really bad right now!
  • Bitching about Verizon in 3... 2... 1...
  • 0...-1...-2...-3
    Hmmm. Taking longer than you expected eh?
  • May I (nvm, just gets old anyways) ... Congrats to Sprint for not being last to the upgrade party.
  • +822 Haha it's so frustrating. I just care about the firmware update. My battery life is horrible.
  • Ok, Verizon up next to stop selling WP.
  • Now I'm just embarrassed for Verizon (looks away).
  • Prolly their way of saying goodbye to WinP's. Oh well, wasn't planning on going the Sprint route anyway, but a bit sad for those trapped under contracts.
  • How is it sad for those in contracts? It's not like they're being forced to get a different phone or anything, and they can switch when the contract's over. Not like they're losing anything
  • You have to remember that some people have to have the latest phone at all times or the world ends for them
  • +lmao
  • I got info yesterday from HTC customer service that the 8.1 update may be OTA update or needed to be downloaded from their or Microsoft's official website.
  • Sounds like their just as clueless as Samsung "use kies to update your phone"
  • That's the monkeys on the support lines for you.
  • They probably like we not selling anymore so we don't care about existing user base. Just pass the update without testing it.
  • Unlocked GSM Lumia, the only way to WP! :)
  • Meanwhile - has someone noticed WMPU and Daniel's catfight? You don't have to be a jerk, dan. Let them do what they want. You keep up your good work.
  • Catfight is a bit of an exaggeration. He just spoke his mind.
  • Daniel is a jerk though. WMPU made a good point in their article about that. Don't get me wrong, their site is terrible but Daniel is still a jerk.
  • Where did this "cat fight" happen?
  • Candy crush article... comments section. Not much of a fight really.
  • Links please!!
  • http://wmpoweruser.com/to-daniel-rubino-editor-in-chief-windows-central/
  • I don't mind wmpu. The forum aspect of windows central is loads better but the articles don't turn into a pissing match if you comment on the cons of a particular phone. I do think Daniel was a bit out of line for that.
  • Hm... At least they updated it :)
  • Wait... Is this for real? :D just now? :D
  • Dear sprint: I was actually considering you as an option. Now I'm not.
  • You're not choosing them because they released an update? I've rejected Verizon because of the delays. If they suddenly released it now I would not choose them. Not because they released the update, but because they delayed the update.
  • I think he meant that Sprint isn't an option now because they aren't selling any Windows Phones. It's kind of a no brainer really.
  • One last torpedo before the ship goes down...
  • Lol @ Verizon. You're behind Sprint! Who's the a$$ now!!
  • Wtf not expecting this at all :o
  • Checking for updates now!!!!!!   edit: No update available. Maybe I am not being offered it yet? Then again, it could have to do with me being on the Developer Preview I guess. Although, I was hoping to at least see a firmware update.
  • Wait, so are they rolling out the WP8.1 update, or the WP8.1 update update aka 8.1.1? MS and their crazy naming conventions.
  • Both, Update 1 is included in the 8.1 update for ATIV and ATIV S Neo owners.
  • My mom's 8x on ATT is also still waiting. Fortunately, she barely knows how to use the thing and is not exactly at the edge of her seat waiting.
  • Rogers customers in same boat it said since maybe last month coming soon on their os upgrade page so id assume like them maybe January?
  • That's cool for Sprint customers. You guys are lucky. I have an unlocked Ativ S... Still no update :(
  • I don't believe it. Is it real?
  • Even sprint beat Verizon?
  • Whatta hell? What am I missing here?
  • Holy crap sprint is releasing 8.1 before Verizon! This is something that I did not see coming. Come on Verizon! You're falling behind!
  • Its because most of vzw phones are nokia & sprint that's not the case
  • Wow. Sprint beat VZW to it. LMAO!
  • Hello?  Verizon?  Anyone there?
  • They can't hear you now. :3
  • Verizon is late to the update game with most phones on there system, nothing new here.
  • Still didnt got my fw update for my ativ s (GT-i8750) CSC: DBT on PfD
  • Sprint should fold into itself
  • Has anyone actually gotten this update?  I haven't heard of a single person that has gotten it.
  • It is installing as we speak!
  • The install gears are spinning...what a beautiful sight! When Sprint said summer I guess it failed to say which hemisphere.
  • Lol, at least you got the update :).
  • It's official. Verizon is now in a dead heat for last place with US Cellular and their tiny Samsung phone.
  • Icon is really going to be the last to.the party.
  • Vueller...Vueller... Sent from my sad Icon...
  • When Sprint beats Verizon, you know Verizon has issues.
  • Oh by the way, getting the update now
  • Oh, guess they haven't pulled support after all. That's a relief :).
  • Sprint's parting gift to WP.
  • BHAHAHAHAHAA I finally got fed up with waiting and download the developers preview on Sunday. I knew this was gonna happen in the back of mind. GO FIGURE.
  • Wow , and I'm waiting for the Lumia denim update.
  • It might be helpful to post instructions on how to switch over to the official release from the dev preview...or at least a link to said instructions.
  • In Nashville, TN.  Just checked for updates and mine just downloaded the update.  Applying it as I type this.
  • >Sprint no longer selling updates, but admits they did sell them.  Offers support.   >TMO looks confused when asked about the Lumia 810, and mumbled something about support.  Thinks it still sells WP8, but not sure what exactly. 
  • *8xt buyer's remorse reaches critical mass
  • Fire and brimstone has stopped and the sky has cleared with angels and doves fluttering around.
    Sprint beat Verizon to an update?
  • Does developer preview block getting the update? Pretty sure I have gotten prior updates from sprint with DP on, but I don't see this one..
  • No update available...does developer preview block the update or are we just no seeing it yet here in Massachusetts.
  • Article states "It may take a few days for all Sprint phones to get the update" so I guess patience is a virtue.  All phones, including those on the Dev Preview should get the update. At least that is what I've heard over the summer
  • Hope so. My Ativ S Neo is missing the 'network profile' setting (can't even find it with Cortana's help) and I'm hoping that a firmware update will at least bring that back and fix my internet sharing. Anyone know if updates roll out the same time through ting as well?
  • I'm waiting on the Dev Preview
  • I'm still waiting to get 7.8 on my Arrive
  • Sooo am i the only one who still hasn't rerceived this update? Does me having the developer preview not allow this update?
  • still waiting here, have developer preview and not getting the update.   Would really like the firmware update that comes along with this update.  
  • I did the update on the 6th, but I'm showing the firmware as 2216.14.01.2 not 2216.14.11.2.  Is this because of Dev. Preview or was there a type-o in the article?? 
  • I disabled Dev. Preview and it's still on the older firmware, says phone is up to date.  I guess they are taking their sweet time in rolling it out to everyone