Sprint Touch Diamond gets a ROM update

Looks like HTC snuck out a ROM update for the Sprint variant of the Touch Diamond. Here's what's fixed in this "Maintenance Release":

  • Provides enhancements to the HTC dialer application
  • Resolves an issue where the “Internal Storage” drive may not be recognized by the device
  • Includes minor enhancements for Sprint TV and Opera Browser
  • Resolves an issue with time not updating correctly after daylight savings time adjustment
  • Includes a variety of minor bug fixes

Applying the update will bump you up to Version 2.00.651.7. As always, be sure to read through all the instructions (opens in new tab) (pdf link), and above all, back up your important data first!

HTC ROM update (opens in new tab) via ppcgeeks

Phil Nickinson

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  • Isn't it a bit too late for that?
    Soon Diamond II will be here and people will finally forget about this version of the Diamond which I don't cherish. It's too small, it has the toughest screen I've ever used, and the performance are not so great. Nevertheless, there are so many people who like it and one of the good things about it is that it has tons of tweaks. (see useful tweaks in here)
  • Do your research before you open your trap Mobilespoon. Facts: 1. The only difference between the Diamond and the Diamond2 is the screen and onboard flash chip. The Diamond2 has the same chip set. 2. The Diamond2 is being released this month as a gsm not a cdma model. So it does Sprint customers no good. 3. Sprint's leaked phone map has only confirmed the touch pro2 and not the Diamond2.
  • Your english are not so great either.
  • Hey, it's never too late - people still own and rely on this phone, so bring on the updates!
  • fuck all yall haters