Sprint Treo 800w weighs in; gets spec'd out.

We still don't have any better pics of the finalized version, but evidently Sprint is gearing up their internal promo materials for the Palm 800w (expected in mid July for $249.99) as some lovely 'coolgal' dropped us all the deets. Score.

And since this jives what we've been hearing (and sometimes keeping mum about) for the last few months, we're very confident in the accuracy and even eye numbing detail.

For brevity, we'll just stick to the majors and the new stuff, but click here for coolgal's full list, in case you're really, really curious and our older one here.

Radio - CDMA 800 (Digital Cellular), 1900 (PCS), and 1.5GHz (GPS) - EVDO and 1XRTT

Phone Features - Personal speakerphone - MicroUSB standard B connector (2.0-compliant; for sync cable, charger, and audio accessories) - External antenna port - Microphone mute option - HAC compatible (M4/T4 rating)

Processor technology - TI processor, 333MHz

Expansion - microSD/SDHC card slot

Operating system - Windows Mobile

WC Staff
  • Specs are no good without the phone SPRINT!
  • Mal.....What is the latest memory spec? IMHO, historically, usable RAM / ROM has always been the Treo's Achilles Heel from a few notable releases from the Treo line.
  • Hobbes,
    Latest specs are:
    125/256mb (ram/rom)
    That translates into
    100/170mb (ram/rom) as actually usable after the OS.
    All else being equal, that gives the 800w about 20-25mb more ram/rom than comparable devices like the Sprint Touch (73/151mb)-so you can tell that Palm really chopped some fat out of WM6.1.
  • 333mHz? Seriously? I'm sure being a newer processor it'll be slightly more efficient, but it'd have been nice for Palm to step a little further forward.
    For those who say this'll adversely affect battery life... As far as I know (at least on my q9c) WM can throttle processor speed based on load. If it ran at much lower speeds most of the time, that's fine, but a 624 mHz processor would definitely be nice for rendering webpages (see the iPhone for an example of that.... as Jobs said, the iPhone renders pages 33% faster, and at least according to Engadget, the actual 3G speeds were lower than EVDO when they tested.)
  • I'm SOOOOOO Tired of hearing about this thing, I just want it in my freakin hand!
    It's like smoking...You know you shouldn't, you know it's pointless, you should be able to go a day without one, but you just have to check; "any more info on the 800w today"???