Sprint: Windows Mobile 6.5 being tested, look for official updates early next year

Sprint Exec David Owens took part in a virtual chat today, and Gearlog kibbitzed. Here's the pertinent Windows Mobile info:

  • They're currently testing official Windows Mobile 6.5 updates for the HTC Touch Pro 2 and other phones. Look for them early next year.
  • They want Windows Mobile 7 "as soon as possibly, but dependent on Microsoft."
  • No tethering for any phone that needs a Simply Unlimited plan, which means smartphones.

So, absolutely nothing there we couldn't deduce ourselves, but it's nice to get it from the horse's mouth. Read all of Gearlog's bullet points here.

Via PhoneScoop

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  • WHAT next YEAR you've got to be kidding me! Next week next month maybe but next year no way that sucks! Come on cmonex we are all pulling for ya.
  • To be honest, I'd rather wait and get a nice stable working ROM than an early release super-buggy untested ROM from Sprint. Plus, maybe Sprint is waiting on purpose for a newer build of WM 6.5, or maybe even 6.5.1...
  • You can read the entire transcript here: http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/sprintblogs/chat-with-buzz/blo... clockcycle: Will SERO customers be able to upgrade to HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, etc, without changing their plans? David: No. Android, webOS, and Instinct require Everything type plans. Sounds like my days of sticking with Sprint just for SERO may be coming to an end.
  • Most Sprint contract lines are on neither SERO nor Everything plans but on legacy plans. My plan is six years old. I have four lines and have been a on time paying no complaint Sprint customer for 10 years. Sprint proposes to raise my monthly rate by 77% in order to get a single HERO and have the same features, data and text and minutes for changing that one phone. There is no logical reason for an Android to cost me more per month than a windows mobile phone. So this isn't just about SERO but all the people on family plans which Sprint has time and time against said would not be expired.
  • Sprint's probably operating from the premise that they can't get away with forcing Everything plans on more established platforms, but they misrepresent newer platforms as more data intensive. AT&T and Apple treat the iPhone this way, imposing more restrictions (no Slingbox, higher SMS charges) than on Windows phones. Lots of iPhone users came from feature phones and often believe smartphones didn't exist before 2007, so there's a culture of na
  • I'm with you on this one Aero2. But it's also a problem on any current non everything shared plan. About a year ago they upgraded my share plan (4 lines) to an Everything Messaging plan w/ 1400 minutes because it came out cheaper than paying for individual text message addons we had before. I have an unlimited data pack that carried over. The other 3 people in my family do not need data whatsoever. Hell, 2 would probably be clueless about how to even use it. But in order to get on Android, BB, or the Pre I'd have to shell out 70% more a month to get on the Everything Data Share plan. This really screws people on shared plans over. Even individual messaging plans with a data addon will come out to the price of the equivalent everything data plan...
  • so I just ordered the new HTC Touch Pro 2 phone from sprint & I really want the new 6.5 software! I have the motorola Q9C with the 6.1 software & I've had nothing but problems with this version so im ready to upgrade to the bigger, faster, just all around better(so I've heard) 6.5 Windows Mobile software... So does anyone know, Will my new HTC phone come with ThE newly updated 6.5 windows mobile software? I had started to read up on it &
    kept looking around & started to see alot of people & websites saying that early in the new year they will begin production of this new HTC Touch Pro 2 Phone with the new software so I waited & I had ordered it on this past friday the first day of 2010? if not yet, where & when can I get the real software for full download to my phone when I get my phone in the mail...
    someone please help me I need to know asap!!!