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Sprint Windows Phone 7 right around the corner?

Rafael Rivera of CheveronWP7 fame has tweeted that Sprint customers will be enjoying Windows Phone 7 in the first two weeks of March. And the phone of choice for Sprint shall be the HTC 7 Pro. This makes sense as we just saw the leaked, finalized ROM for the Sprint 7 Pro, which hints as near release.

To date, the official time frame for a CDMA Windows Phone 7 is sometime during the first half of 2011 (March would qualify). This time frame also mirrors the release date (early March) for the first WP7 update, "NoDo", that will contain CDMA support as well as copy/paste and performance enhancements.

There was speculation that the "NoDo" update was delayed due to carriers. Could the carrier delay have been to allow Sprint time to get ready for a Windows Phone launch? Nothing official from Sprint or Microsoft confirming this but March will be here before you know it. 

Source: Twitter; Thanks goes out to TimN for the tip!

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  • And what about Verizon???
  • i heard verison was getting the omnia 7. i really hope this is true.
  • That would be great. It's a nice looking phone. Who knows though, considering the recent comment by the CTO of Verizon.
  • Bold words from a CTO, Verizon is neck deep in the Google and Apple koolaid it doesn't know right from left anymore. Sorry to say but they might as well be the last carrier in the US to get a WP7 device at this point. Sprint seems to be coming along finally and that's good, the rest might just take time and volume. Sell enough WP7 phones on AT&T and Sprint etc and Verizon can't turn a blind eye to it anymore, no matter how much they want to think/hope the iPhone helps them.
  • This most defiantely strenghthens my want to leave Verizon and go to AT&T to get a Focus. I was waiting for Verizon to make an announcement but when idiotd like this make dumb comments like this, then i don't think i need to give them any more bussiness. They are in Supre love with IOS and Andoid....They can have as far as i'm concerned.
  • Heard the same info yesterday from a Sprint source. They said they should be getting the device around the 7th of March with release about a week later.
  • I've been waiting for a Sprint WP7 device for over a year. With the promise of Nokia devices coming soon, I think I will hold out to see what second generation devices come along from Samsung and HTC as well.
  • I'm debating the same thing myself. I've been waiting so long and I want a new phone really really bad but I don't know if I want the HTC.
  • Hopefully they get another option besides the Pro, I honestly don't want a keyboard.
  • I agree. I prefer thinness over a slide out keyboard. If Sprint released a phone like the Samsung Focus, I'd be all over that! :)
  • yeah!!! My palm pre minus is just cutting it at this point. I've been waiting for this since I heard about it. I almost left sprint twice, I just couldn't justify 3 ETF's. F#ck Verizon.
  • my pre is falling apart! M$ needs to huuryy!
  • Please God! My Pre+ on Sprint aint cutting it anymore and Sprint is taking away my upgrade after March 31st.
  • why would they take your upgrade?
  • I threatened to leave and get an iphone. They called my bluff and took away my upgrade as punishment.Ok not really. Actually Sprint is taking away Premier Status from those who had it unless they spend over $169.See here:
  • If there is no Pre3 by March 30, and this is released in March, methinks this will be my new phone.
  • im in that same boat. no pre3 before then will force me to use my upgrade on the 7 pro. got an evo shift for wifey this weekend and i really do not like android after playing with it for a good few hours. web os=awesomeness but i did use my friend's wp7 phone and liked it way more than android
  • I REALLY really want a new phone - mine is over 3 years old. I keep holding out for something better but if I could get the HD7 or the Focus on a CDMA provider I'd get a new contract and new phone immediately. Sprint tends to like bulky phones with small screens so I'd believe they will get the Pro 7. The EVO is the exception to the rule and as a result it has helped Sprint tremendously - not sure why Sprint can't figure out good hardware even more than the OS sells a phone. I'm on Sprint now but will probably go to Verizon if they get the Omnia 7 soon. I'd have to switch to a new contract with Sprint anyways and since I rarely text I'd save money on Verizon as I can taylor my plan.The Mozart has a relatively small screen and is underpowered for CDMA - the battery will die very quickly so I don't even understand the point of making a CDMA version of that phone unless they give it away for free.If I have to wait much longer than March for a good CDMA WP7 phone, I'll probably see how the iPhone 5 turns out. If they let you customize the home screen and get the rumored 4" screen it might be a better choice.