Sprints Airave Reviewed, Ready for Purchase

Sprints Airave was Sprint's way of saying sorry for the sucky service but we have a plan. That plan: drop $99 initially and then another $4.99 per month for current minutes or $10 a month for unlimited minues on your own personal little cell tower connected to your broadband connection. That's the good news. Bad news: Sprint includes a GPS unit that you have to place by a window to verify you're only using it in the U.S. Bummer, because this would be a perfect travel companion, no?

All in all, a little pricey and not as good as we'd hoped, but hey: Sprint just lost $34 million, how did you think they were going to get that back?

Anyhow, Engadget Mobile gave it a review and the thing works just fine -- for bars and calls. If you're hoping this thing will also beef up your EVDO connection, keep hoping. Word is that it just works on the 1xRTT Vision connection, capped at 153 kbps. Lame.

WC Staff