Sprint's Prepaid service revamps with new tiered data plans

The Sprint Prepaid brand will now have three new monthly plans, all of which offer its customers unlimited talk and text. The cheapest is now priced at $35 a month with 1 GB of data, followed by $45 a month with 3 GB of data and $55 a month for 6 GB of data.

Those new plans, which the company announced in an email press release, are a lot better than what the Sprint Prepaid brand offered when it launched in March. Back then, it had a $45 a month ultimited talk and text plan with no data and a $60 plan for unlimited talk, text and data, but with only 2.5GB of full-speed data that cut down to throttled speeds afterwards.

Sprint says that these three new pricing tiers "include respective 3G/4G high-speed data allotment applicable to monthly plan" and added that "video streaming may be limited to 3G speeds". So while it's not perfect, it's at least a step up from their previous poor plan and data selection. What do you think of this change by Sprint Prepaid?

John Callaham
  • What about Boost?
  • Desperation, and although its customer service and satisfaction is horrible, TMo's 30$ plan is still unbeatable.
  • Got that right
  • I'd choose t-mo over sprint any day if I wasn't with att
  • I think I'll stick with my postpaid T-Mobile unlimited service
  • C'mon AT&T!!!!! Equal it!!!!!!!
  • AT&T already had plans like this under their Cricket lineup. In fact, for $55 they offer 10GB of data, unlike Sprint's 6GB
  • If AT&T would double the data in its shared plan from 10 to 20 gig, I'd be ecstatic.
  • Sooner or later "if" customer base on sprint start to grow the other networks (at&t,Verizon,Tmobile)..will do something.
  • I'm rooting for them...I'd love to see a come back. Don't count them out yet!
  • Still could be better. All providers need to step it up, but the best deals ever are still useless If access and signal strength are inadequate. Besides, what windows phones are available through Sprint?
  • Sprint only carries the HTC 8X and the Samsung Neo(?).  Good luck finding them displayed in their store.  Probably tucked away in a dark and distant corner because I didn't see one.  I saw they had the HTC M8 but only android version, bummer.  I would've jumped on the WP version and waved bye bye to my Arrive. 
  • How about some God damn Lumia phones!
  • Cricket has the best plans. However, the phone selection is minimal.
  • Where ain't it minimal?
  • Just as good as sprints and aleast cricket got lumias
  • 1GB of Sprint may as well be unlimited, because it will take you a full month to hit it at their speeds.
  • A fair deal in my opinion. A good option if coverage is in your area. Someone tell Sprint that people that use prepaid services love cheap phone and Windows phones are very inexpensive.
  • Geez...you guys in USA are being ripped off. Prices are ridicoulous.