Star Wars: Assault Team boards both Windows and Windows Phone, now available and free

We recently looked at an upcoming Star Wars game for both Windows and Windows Phone - Star Wars Assault Team. The game has finally launched on Microsoft platforms today, opening up the popular, fictional galaxy far, far away. Windows Phone has received a mixture of Star Wars games, some containing angry birds and others tasking players to build tower defenses.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a card come strategy, turn-based game. Players are able to collect and assemble a powerful team of heroes to battle enemies and even other players across the universe. 

For all the movie and lore buffs out there, Star Wars: Assault Team takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. But just because this is a card game, don't be fooled to believe it'll either be too simple or boring to play through. There's a lot of content here.

Players are tasked with completing challenging missions to infiltrate the enemy fleet, locate the Wookie resistance, overcome ambushes on the dangerous streets of Mos Espa and engage in battles across familiar planets, including Tatooine and Kashyyk. Some features of the game include:

  • Build and Customize a Team: Collect hundreds of character cards to create the ultimate team using the saga's most iconic heroes, including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and more.
  • Advance Heroes: Train, improve and strategically deploy each character's special attacks, making a team even more dominant against ever-powerful enemies.
  • Player vs. Player Combat: Fight against other players in PvP battles to win extra rewards.
  • Original Story: Complete all-new missions set between Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a freemium game and can be downloaded from supported stores for free. This does mean that optional in-game purchases are present (store isn't yet online). It's certainly worth the small investment should you enjoy battling through levels and collecting cards.

Unfortunately, a slight drawback (and possible oversight by the developers) means that players are unable to sync game data between the two versions, which is lame. Let us know what you think about the latest mobile Star Wars game.

Source: Star Wars; Thanks, Ali K. and Henrik G., for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
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