Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now available on Netflix in Canada

Netflix-using Star Wars fans in Canada, rejoice! Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now available on the streaming service in your country, and you can start streaming the latest entry in the saga right away.

The Force Awakens takes place more than 30 years after Return of the Jedi, continuing the story of the galaxy far, far away. It centers on new characters like Rey and Finn, along with returning favorites, like Han Solo and Chewbacca. The film was originally released in December 2015 to rave reviews and massive box office success.

Disney and Lucasfilm will follow up The Force Awakens later this year with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while continuing the sequel trilogy next year with Episode VIII.

  • The force is strong with this one!
  • The Fource Awakens. Proper Canadian spelling, please. ;]
  • Yeah, this movie is in the 90's on RottenTomatos. I'm a big SW fan (even the prequels), but couldn't get into this one...
  • Story by Jar Jar...unbelievably bad.
  • For adults, yes. However, for little kids he was essentially the whole movie. Same with Ewoks.
  • I saw an amazing explanation for Jar Jar that seems like a joke at first, but if you follow the logic and evidence, it fits with Lucas (including his subsequent denials): Jar Jar was intended to be Palpatine's master, a reverse Yoda in effect to provide the symmetry between the two trilogies. "No such thing as luck" established as a key theme by Obi-Wan in A New Hope, but Jar Jar saves the battle by seemingly bumbling his way by luck through it, he's from the same planet as Palpatine, he performs jumps and other stunts like a jedi (and these are hand-drawn animations, so can't be chalked up to a stunt choreography mistake), he waves his hand and moves his lips just like a Jedi and we see the words and minds of others change, just to name a few. All the kinds of things that would have been really cool to go back to see after it was revealed in Episode 2 that the bumbling Jar Jar was actually a sith (where Yoda's fight presumably would have been with his parallel Jar Jar, instead of Dooku). But the audience reaction was so negative to him in the first movie, the Lucas scrapped the idea and added Count Dooku instead. This link contains further YouTube links that really make a good case: Frankly, as much as I share in the loathing of Jar Jar, I think this is a pretty cool concept and wish that Lucas had stuck with it (if true).
  • You mean Star Wars: The Episode IV Retelling.
  • I know, it was really unbelievable. And the way they killed off Han Solo really rubbed me the wrong way. The best character of the franchise deserves a cooler farewell than that!
  • Wait, what? Han Solo dies?? Thanks for ruining the movie...
  • I hope you're joking... Movie's come and gone like 8 months ago, lol. I can't be held responsible!
  • Lippido didn't ruin the movie. JJ did.
  • The Force Reawakes, with poor characters and an inferior droid.
  • The droid was cute, but yes there is no match for R2.  The characters for the most part felt more believable than the original series, imo.  A good mix of new and old.
  • They even released the French-Canadian version. This is really rare!
  • So they all smoke?
  • Not a good movie, but it's still good news for Canadians I guess.
  • The takeaway from this news item is Canada must have got electricity finally.
  • only parts of canada have electricity. the rest is still being powered by mice on wheels
  • Geez, I havent seen this yet and have been trying to hold out for the 3D Bluray, but I may have to give in to Netflix and watch it already..
  • not bad something to watch
  • Paint drying is something to watch, too.
  • Star wars is for kids.And adults are are "big" fans because they watched it as kids in 80s and 90s
  • It is, I realized that. There's more depth and complexity in Star Trek, which I rediscovered as an adult. SW is just a cartoon, doesn't try to explain or justify anything, things just happen magically, by the force of Plot. And after decades, this movie didn't grow beyond that. It's just weird, laughable aliens playing music again, just for laughs. 1/5 wouldn't watch again because there's better movies to watch.
  • That movie is just garbage! I compare this to sharkanado and even then...