StarCraft II wallpapers for Windows Phone

1800PocketPC has compiled a number of StarCraft II wallpapers for Windows Phone owners to apply to their lock screens. Should you be a fan of the strategic title, you'll love the small collection of 800x480 images that are ready to go.

This pack joins the array of other wallpapers that have been made available in the past year. Head on over to 1800PocketPC to download them.

Source: 1800PocketPC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • My life for Auir!!!!! Love it
  • Other sc2 players who are WP users?! :P I made a couple sc2 wallpapers, too, a while back when transparencies still worked; I posted a link to my photobucket folder in the thread on the forum. I hope they can make live wallpapers in WP8. I'd love to get the moving unit portraits on it.
  • Sweet! I haven't played in a while, but with these staring up at me day after day I just might. :)