State of Decay 2 is getting an overhauled vehicle system soon

State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2 (Image credit: Microsoft)

State of Decay 2 is a fun, albeit rough zombie apocalypse survival simulator, built by Microsoft's Undead Labs. The game is two years old now, and has received some robust post-launch support with new maps, new features, weapons, and more.

One point of contention (with epic meme potential) has been State of Decay 2's odd vehicle physics. State of Decay 2 and its predecessor are notorious for vehicles getting stuck on the smallest objects, or being flung into the air randomly like a rocket ship.

In a recent live stream, Undead Labs went over how the team is improving vehicles across the board, tweaking the handling and torque of every type and subtype, while also changing the way vehicles collide with the terrain.

Vehicles also handle differently based on the type of terrain they're on to a greater degree than previously. Apocalypse vehicles have been "dialed up to 11," using Undead Labs' words, meaning they should feel more performant than their regular non-enhanced versions. Vehicles also have less "snag points," meaning your cars and trucks won't get permanently marooned on a tiny stone anymore.

Handling over bumpy off-road terrain like rocks has also been greatly improved, although vehicles with bigger suspensions like jeeps will be better at navigating this type of terrain. Undead Labs has also made it easier to reverse up hills, and hit top speed while going uphill, which can be an issue on certain maps.

Undead Labs also noted that durability to vehicles hasn't been changed in this update, saying that if your vehicles collided with multiple zombies in real life, they wouldn't emerge unscathed, despite what the movies say.

If you want to watch the full stream on this upcoming update, head over to the link here. Undead Labs also said that more features will be revealed for this update in the weeks to come, which itself is a few weeks away from launch.



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