State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition's debut trailer shows off zombie slaying in full HD

The Xbox/PC exclusive zombie survival game has picked up a thrilling debut trailer, composed entirely of in-game footage. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition includes all the DLC released for the Xbox 360, in addition to new weapons, vehicles and characters, and will launch on April 28th.

Check out the trailer here!

State of Decay has been praised for its emphasis on survivalism - which takes the form of base and resource management, and permanent deaths of playable characters.

The game's developer, Undead Labs, have a multi-title publishing deal with Microsoft, which includes a long-in-development multiplayer (likely massively multiplayer) focussed State of Decay game. Since the beginning, Undead Labs have been very community oriented, taking feedback directly through their website's forums on the development and future direction of the franchise. The studio is comprised of industry veterans and was famously founded by Jeff Strain, a former Blizzard developer who worked on Arena.NET and was the lead programmer for MMO blockbuster World of Warcraft.

The trailer debut was accompanied by this statement from Xbox Wire:

"You may see something a little unusual about this new trailer for State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. Well, besides the fact that it's all real in-game footage. (Everything you see is something that players can experience for themselves) No, the really unusual thing is that out of the hundreds of possible quotes from professional game reviewers, we only used one. All of the other quotes are taken from our player community.

That's because the community has been the heart of State of Decay from the beginning. Your feedback and evangelism have made the game what it is today, and you're playing a major role in where we'll go in the future. Many of the features found in YOSE that make the game enjoyable for new players can be traced back to changes suggested by players of the original State of Decay.

That's why there are so many gifts for people who choose to upgrade, such as a 33 percent discount, the exclusive hero Gurubani Kaur and her special weapons, and features such as the ability to transfer saved games from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Seeing the community reaction to a game is a high point for any developer, but especially for Undead Labs. At PAX South in January and PAX East a few weeks ago, we got to see you playing the game. As always, we came home fired up. We can promise revamped mechanics and enhanced graphics, but at the shows we watched you get excited about how smooth everything felt and how gorgeous it all looked. Adding weapons to the game is fun, but the best is seeing the glee as players carve up zombies with their new knives. And nothing is better than hearing about how the game feels new again from people in a position to know. Thank you for sharing your time, passion, and feedback with us."

State of Decay is one of my personal favourites from the 360 era, and I'll be joining many fans with an upgrade to the Year-One Survival Edition at the end of April. With E3 just around the corner, we may be hearing more about State of Decay's future sooner rather than later.

Source: Xbox Wire

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