Steam Survey January 2022: Windows 11 gains traction, Intel loses coveted 69% CPU market share

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Razer Blade 15 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Steam releases monthly hardware and software survey results designed to give people an idea of what tech is being used by PC gamers.
  • Since December 2021's survey results, Windows 11 has seen a 3.41% jump in market share.
  • Most other results maintain the status quo: Intel continues to dominate in the CPU space, NVIDIA crushes in GPUs, and Windows Mixed Reality maintains its spot as the smallest member of the VR headset market share breakdown.

It's that special time again when we all gather around to see what hardware and software are taking the Steam userbase by storm. This time around, we have January 2022's results, and with them, the news that Windows 11 is growing quite fat indeed, cannibalistically engorging itself on the market share of its older Windows brethren, who grow slimmer as the fat is separated from their withering bodies.

That is to say, Windows 11 had 10.15% market share in December 2021 and is, as of January 2022, up to 13.56%, having seen a 3.41% bump.

In other news, Intel lost its very, very nice 69.27% standing in CPU share, dipping down to 68.93% while AMD took home 31.07%. Meanwhile, NVIDIA, maker of some of the best graphics cards, retained 75.4% GPU control, representing a slight fall from December's 76.83% figure.

In the VR sector, Windows Mixed Reality (bless its heart) comprised 4.99% of the Steam population's headset hardware pool, a drop from December's 5.69%. Meta's Oculus Quest 2 remains king with a whopping 46.02%. Never forget that this is one of the battles Meta is seriously keen on winning in order to establish its metaverse, so don't be surprised if the Quest line continues to snuff the life out of WMR in these monthly stats.

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