Stephen Elop avoids Lumia 928 questions and discards an iPhone on Finnish TV

Stephen Elop was on a Finnish television show this week for an interview with Harry Harkimo, discussing Lumia Windows Phones. The Nokia CEO refused to answer questions about the upcoming Lumia 928, but did manage to get hold of the iPhone Harkimo had with him and immediately discarded the mobile phone. While it was never returned in the published clip, we can't imagine the device survived. It's no Lumia.

The show, called Hjalliksen kanssa, airs on Finnish station MTV3 (not to be confused with MTV) and saw Elop claiming he knows little about the Lumia 928, and instead wanting to focus on the Lumia 620, which recently launched. It's a humorous end to the talk, but we'd very much like to see what happened to the iPhone after we heard the sound of device meeting floor.

Source: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Damn that dude is annoying
  • Elop should have stomped on it too . . .
  • That's how IPhones should be treated!
  • +1000000000
  • He should have threw that iPhone hard lol
  • There's no need for it, it probably broken now.. xD
  • oh there's no doubt about that! lol
  • Exactly. I'm sure it broke before it hit the ground. Lol
  • Thats not my dad. Thats an iPhone. So I threw it on the ground!
  • +1 for the lonely island reference.
  • +1 for the +1 for the lonely island reference.
  • Both were annoying. For some reason I wanted that guy to roll Elop's porky ass around on the ground and tickle his belly. Probably just me...
  • Poor Elop, he seems to get the worst interviewers. Who the heck is booking this guys gigs?
  • The interviewer was trying to get a scoop.. or hoping to anyway,
    he got a Nokia phone instead.
    Not bad!
  • I think Elop gets the right interviewers, actually. They and their question show that Elop doesn't fold under pressure and all the challenges he has ahead.
  • A lot of people over at the verge think elop is one of the best speakers out there.
  • I would agree....Elop is great.
  • I would of taken that iPhone....
  • If so, what are you doing here?
  • Sell that shit and get a real phone
  • I don't know, my friends iPhone went through a snow blower and spent the night in a lake once. It had some scratches and gouges but otherwise worked fine after it dried out. I have to blow dust out of my 920 every week so that my proximity sensor keeps working.
  • Hah, that's brilliant! Crazy interviewer though, very intense about the 928. Also, this is pretty much an INSTANT MEME! Elop throws an iPhone will entertain comment threads for years to come!
  • The iPhone got what it deserved. Now throw some galaxies around.
  • Good one
  • Lol
  • Throw some Galaxy's into the galaxy!
  • Lol
  • Well.. To be fair 60% of the customers going in to phone stores are like that. They want you to tell them they can buy it now.
  • At least he didn't ask about instagram.
  • Now let's hope he can discard away the iPhone in marketshare as well.
  • :D
  • I have a Lumia, so my phone won't be elop'd. - going to submit to urban dictionary. ;)
  • Haha! Elop'd...! xD
  • Avoid Elop'd, #switch to Lumia!
  • Friends don't let friends get Elop'd, #switchtolumia. Nokia, feel free to use this. You're welcome :)
  • I want to make a meme, but I can't seem to find a pic of him actually throwing it.
  • Play the video and screenshot it.
  • The host looks like an ex. alcoholic, retired woodchopper on drugs trying to be cool but looking rather annoying. Maybe he's a good host, but it isn't showing in this short clip.
  • He isn't really a host. He is a millionare that also happens to own two ice hockey arenas in Finland and one hockey team. 
  • And also a great yachtsman, sailed around the globe single handedly. Far from an alcoholic. A quite successful businessman. He is also the host of the Finnish version of "The Apprentice" so @Nakazul's accusation couldn't be further away from the truth
  • Meh, he owns no Lumia tho, well... now he does I guess, but not a 928. Hah, that must be bothering him, probably used to get whatever he wants, he sure acts like it.
  • +1 Whiny rich prick
  • You can watch the full interview online, if you're interested. I agree that in this short clip he's extremely annoying, but if you watch the whole interview, it gets better :)
  • Thanks for posting that link.  Actually a very interesting interview with Elop.  This guy really puts out a great vibe.  I can't help but trust everything he says for some reason! 
    The host comes off a bit "dickish", but it seems like maybe some of that is the result of him speaking in his non-native tongue.  Admittedly though, he has the balls to ask some tough questions, making of an interesting interview.
  • Haha, I agree. Seems really sincere.
  • I'm studying deception ..there is clearly a lumia928 when asked the first time he had a smile through out the whole interview.
  • He also said, " we haven't announced IT yet". He could have said, " we haven't announced anything yet".
  • He said that he WILL replace the host's iPhone so... The 928 is coming for sure!! (Catwalk for other countries)
  • Harry Harkimo is not a professional interviewer. He doesn't really know how to have a natural conversation with a guest. In Finland he is known only as a slightly arrogant entrepreneur. Mostly known for his involment in building the biggest ice hockey arena to Helsinki. Though he has been making a lot of appereances on finnish tv lately with his own "talk show" and the finnish version of "the apprentice" (he is the Trump guy).
  • Besides the one Apprentice show, he sounds MUCH more like Mark Cuban because of all his ties to the sporting world. And Cuban is on TV too, on Shark Tank.
  • I seriously hope this was scripted. Throwing a phone that's not yours (even if it's an iphone) without asking first makes you look like an asshole.
  • Well, he will be UPGRADED to a Lumia phone, so Elop did him a favor 
  • Loved it, I think too that the iphone will have more then a few cracks on it after that sort of handling, Elop should have been warned these other devices are different from Nokia's :)
    It was good to hear though Harry talking about wanting something from a Finnish company, a bit more of that sentiment and perhaps we can get things not just designed but manufactured in Europe and the US.
  • That's what you get when you ask questions that can't be answered. doesn't matter who you are, you wait in line just like everyone else.
  • Hahahahaha, that was very funny! Nokia's new strategy; force people to switch to lumia. Hahaha (joke).
  • Why is that guy so interested in the 928? I got the impression it was for Verizon, so US only?
  • I guess he doesn't know that! :P
  • Maybe because the Catwalk is supposed to be the Global version and be sold Worldwide?
  • Right? I was wondering that myself. 
  • Maybe its not Verizon only. Maybe Europe gets something similar. It is probably going to be an upgrade over a 920 as well.
  • It's hard not to like Elop.  He seems like he is a good dude. 
  • HOST: "I have an Iphone"
    ELOP: " Oh, that's embarrassing! BOOM"
  • LOL yeah that was good.
  • That was awesome.
  • But yes, this video definitely confirms 928, " Sorry I can't answer that question " yea, becuase you could if it wasn't out there.
  • You obviously know nothing about business if you think that confirms a piece of vaporware is real. That is a standard answer generally approved by lawyers thata keeps you from saying something substantive regarding anything you are or are not doing. The only time any company outright denies a project, whether real or imaginary, is when it is illegal. Even when not real, companies prefer the illusion that they are working on something. Once again, the sipposed 928 is an unsubtantiated rumor with mythical specs, which is not overtly acknowledged by any carrier or its manufacturer. Fantasize to your heart's content but I expect some around here will be in rare whinng form when it turns out to be vaporware, or a mid-level replacement for the lousy 822.
  • Iphone is finished... Nothing new, boring old OS. When i have my lumia920 out in a crowd of iphone owners, they all want to touch it!
  • That's what she said. Hate to do this but I can't help it, apologies...
  • I knew that was coming! Lol
  • LOL
  • Nokia is Finnish
  • @pbroy and?
  • And iPhone is finished.
    Ba dum tss.
  • Lol autocorrect killed you there..
  • We was trying to make a joke with "iPhone is finnished" instead of "finished".
  • Die iphone die lmao ! That dude was so pushy about the 928 just wait its only a few weeks away! XD if it is Verizon only its going to annoy alot of people in other country's uk etc that might want it
  • They can be annoyed as far as Im concerned. This is Verizon customers first chance at a great WP. And we have been waiting years....
  • Why don't company's put phones we want on everything that way everyone wins!
  • I thought UK was Samsung country.
  • It is, but there are a lot of very happy Nokia users at the moment. 
    There are also a huge number of people incredibly fed up with hearing the default Samsung was terrible when they first installed it and it's only got worse now you can't escape it...
  • Im one of them i cant stand Samsung nokias my favourite brand tried apple iv tried Samsung and htc but nokias got the best phones going right now if this 928 only a bit better cant be asked with it im hoping nokias next big phone has micro sd expansion and a bigger battery at least despite the 920 is epic as it is that Samsung s4 looks horrible
  • Why would we be annoyed? The 928 is just a 920 with a different number and - maybe - a better camera, which is probably only a software improvement anyway. 
    It's hardly a brand new phone...
  • Thank god he didn't drop a lumia phone that thing would have made some damage...
  • he can change my old iphone with a Nokia phone if he wants to. I can use an extra Lumia.
  • ♥ Elop
  • Muahahahahahahahaha!!! Way to go Mr Elop!!!
  • HAHAHHA.... Elop is just being Nice man.. :D & the interviewer is annoying. i was expecting he would say.. Mr. Elop you're not going home from this studio until you change my phone to 928..
  • This is an unacceptable act! He should respect his competitors and their products.
  • Yes no one should ever have any fun ever
  • THE HORROR SUCH AN ATROCIOUS ACT SHOULD BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY!!!!!! do you even say this to yourself before you write it? its a phone.
  • Unless you replied to the wrong message I believe you have the worse scarcasm detector I ever saw :)
  • The host said he would like to get rid of his iPhone and Elop helped him with that... ;)
    Also said he would like a Lumia and Elop should get him one, so this guy should be happy now :P
  • The interviewer should have allowed Elop to talk and introduce the Lumia 620. The guest should should not be annoyed by asking him the same question over and over again when he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Well Elop got annoyed enough to throw away the guys phone.
  • Wahaha that's just fantastic! I'm going to do this now to everyone I see using an iPhone :P
  • Imagine, in slowmo..with elop wearing tinted glasses ( slow guitars and chant of django django) being constantly heckled by this asshole of a horse trader- "hey you want this horse? Name's mellifula..or maybe this handsome one, the conquered?? Or may i suggest, this black beauty, she's broomhilda, while pointing his phone towards the horse (guitars stop, pan to face). Elop takes the iPhone and throws it. "That ain't no broomhilda mister, now show me a proper horse"
    ( djangooooo!!! Django django)
  • OMG That was too funny! He just tossed that iPhone and it slid across the floor LMBO!!!
  • I bet the iThing broke in pieces.
  • Saved as a favorite, I really like this site
  • Steve Elop is the man!!!!  I have full confidence he'll turn Nokia around to be a major player with Lumia.  I lovde this man!!
  • Elop has been accustomed to holding a Lumia, therefore he treat that iPhone just like the way he treated his Lumia. If that iPhone cracked, its not fully Elop's fault. It just reinforces the fact that an iPhone is not a Lumia.
    The host was indeed very annoying, and the way he pushed Elop to answer his question regarding 928 is so unprofessional. If I was Elop, I will throw a Lumia directly to his face after stomping the iPhone. I think Elop is just acted patiently. XD
  • This comment made me smile ... And that is a good thing ... :)
  • Elop rocks!! Showed the iphone its true place and "Thats embarassing" quote was hilarious.
  • Great laughs first thing in the morning.
  • Lord Elopsus. :clap:
  • Hilarious how casual he was!
  • I'm safe, I won't get Elop'd .. And I am happy with that ... ! :P :)
  • Wow. You got to watch the video. Text isn't enough to show how cool the way he is doing it.
  • I watched the whole thing last night. I found it very funny what the comment was and what he did with the iPhone. That was great !
    Sad to say, Nothing new about the 928, Not even a conformation. I wish we got SOMETHING out of this. Oh well.
  • Elop'd! Brilliant
  • Man he is a Champ....Good Job :D
  • Just the sound of the phone hitting floor breaking glass comes to mind
  • Lmao he threw the iPhone lol
  • Elop, good on you - you feisty Canadian! Next time he should have brought his hockey stick and give that iPhone a hard snapshot ;).
  • Just Shea Weber the damn thing across the studio.
  • Personally such childish actions are just what Microsoft and Nokia need to stop doing. Instead pointing out what their phones offer.
  • Elop and Ben the PC Guy has been doing that. Elop has shown the new Lumia family of phones and their capabilities. Bens been doing that at YouTube for awhile. MS, well I'll agree with you on that.
  • I'm sure he will replace his phone with cheapest from family, Lumia 510 :)
    I love how he react! Steve Elop is the boss!
  • Too bad elop didn't have a 920 on him. Then the interviewer could have grabbed Elop's phone and tossed/threw it on the ground im retaliation. A quick camera pan to both phones would have shown a destroyed iPhone and a perfectly good 920. IMO the icrap is in its purest form when destroyed.. Elop then could have maniacally laughed at the interviewer at his paltry excuse for a mobile device. 928 FTW!!!
  • After continuous badgering, Elop should have just stood up and declared, "This interview is Finnish-ed!" and stormed off.
  • As always, it's so much fun watching Elop interviews and his speaking engagements.
  • He's candid and straight forward. No means no. And he only addresses the strategy and the products related to it.
  • You see, no one died after Elop throwed the iPhone. If he threw his Nokia phones, it's Armageddon.
  • Like a boss. He was like let me take care of that for you right now.... "clunk" lol. You just got Elop'd
  • I watched that video again! Funny, when Elop said, "I can take care of that for you. Its gone!" bammm! You can hear that thing splatter on the floor. Lolzzzzxx!!!;
  • Our new phrase folks "Elop'd."
  • Wow...he IS annoying. He's like 5 year old kid.....
  • Stephen Elop should always go to a interview with a Nokia 3310, and throw peoples iPhones away and show them the Nokia 3310, and say that if he threw the Nokia 3310, it would break the floor! And then gives them a Nokia Lumia 920!
  • Stephen Elop is a boss! But please release the 928 to the market cos I'm excited for it
  • He should've slap the hell out of that guys face
  • Lol. Suck that iPhone!
  • Nokia needs to make these high end lumias available to every one on every carrier. They can make a big splash if they do. But not different variants. The 920 should have been on t mobile and Verizon. I love my 920 and everyone should have a chance to own it. And lets be honest the 820 looks way better on att then the t mobile version. What's it called 822?