Stephen Elop avoids Lumia 928 questions and discards an iPhone on Finnish TV

Stephen Elop was on a Finnish television show this week for an interview with Harry Harkimo, discussing Lumia Windows Phones. The Nokia CEO refused to answer questions about the upcoming Lumia 928, but did manage to get hold of the iPhone Harkimo had with him and immediately discarded the mobile phone. While it was never returned in the published clip, we can't imagine the device survived. It's no Lumia.

The show, called Hjalliksen kanssa, airs on Finnish station MTV3 (not to be confused with MTV) and saw Elop claiming he knows little about the Lumia 928, and instead wanting to focus on the Lumia 620, which recently launched. It's a humorous end to the talk, but we'd very much like to see what happened to the iPhone after we heard the sound of device meeting floor.

Source: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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