Sticky Notes for Windows 10 gets some fixes and improvements for Fast ring Insiders

Microsoft has rolled out an update for the Sticky Notes Windows 10 app for Insiders in the Fast update ring. The new version contains a few improvements and fixes for the note-taking app.

Microsoft's Jen Gentlemen posted the patch notes for the new Sticky Notes update on her Twitter page:

Version 1.1.40

  • Performance Improvements: Opening the app and deleting notes are faster than ever before
  • Fixed: Rapidly toggling of the "Don't Ask Me Again" checkbox when deleting a note which would cause your selection to be ignored and default to never asking you again.
  • Fixed: Stock Prices could, on occasion, include only three significant figures. This is one too few, so now they always include four.

Windows Ink: How to use Sticky Notes

John Callaham
  • How about they address the pen pointer bug on the SP4. That would be nice. (14393.187)
  • Do you have a link to it in feedback hub?
  • i didn't post it but i saw someone else did so i upvoted.
  • Many upvores?
  • feedback-hub:?contextid=115&feedbackid=9fbbe9d1-8c5b-4e77-a074-cbb0a08401e1&form=1&src=2
  • Thanks
  • you're welcome. if you also have a surface pro 4, do u have the handwriting personalization bug as well? Also on 14393.187
  • No, that's why I was a little bit puzzled. We have two Surface's and have no problem, but this seems to be a bug big enough for us to notice. :(
  • do you have the same problem?
  • Nice :)
  • Have you tried the feature where your hand written text is split into lines that you can re-arrange? It is the icon next to the + button. Click and then re-arrange your text. Very cool.
  • Any sign of the insights feature being available in the UK? That's one of the most powerful things about this v.s OneNote for quick notes and reminders
  • Nope, not that I can see :(
  • Why dont the inking options exists in the settings for me? I am able to use Sticky Notes but it doesn't appear whatsoever in the settings. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What device are you using?
  • Hp pavilion dv7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same here, it appears that feature is the for the US only so far.
  • That's right, the "Insights" option is US only - I think hand writing a reminder for Cortana is US only too - it's supposed to be next to the New Reminder button in Cortana when you have a Pen
  • I'm in the USA so idk Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can anyone on Fast Ring confirm that when you close the note workspace, it actually closes notes?
  • Once again not getting any notifications from the Windows Central app on mobile. Seems like a daily issue. Why?
  • When for different language keyboards typing support
  • Ok when can we expect this on Windows Phone, and also when is the pen feature going to come?!
  • Love that this little feature is getting so much love from Microsoft after spending years just sitting buried under Windows accessories
  • What if you could add a pic to it as well. Well I guess you could use OneNote for that. But again, the Sticky Notes should have been a widget of OneNote and linked to cloud.