Straw will now let you create your own topics

Straw, the popular social polling app, has given more power to users with the addition of custom topics. Users can now post polls to any topic, rather than trying to fit their questions into Straw's pre-determined areas.

When you create a poll to post to StrawCast, you'll have the option of choosing one of the pre-populated topics, or starting your own. If the hashtag you've typed has already been used in another poll, you'll see it on the list, and you can just tap it to finish up.

Voters can find a custom topic by tapping on the StrawCast tab and searching for it. When you tap on the search bar, you'll be given a list of the most popular topics. Tap the '#' button at any time to either clear your selection or add topics to your search.

It should be noted that Straw's customer topics is still currently a beta feature, so don't expect everything to run smoothly at first. Straw You can grab Straw from the Windows Store now.

Download Straw now from the Windows Store

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Joseph Keller