Subway Surfers heads to Hollywood in latest update to the endless runner

As consistent as a full moon, Subway Surfers has been updated with a new theme this month. This time, the popular runner takes its World Tour to sunny Los Angeles and Hollywood. As usual with these updates, you get a few new challenges, new characters to gather and you can collect those movie clappers to unlock prizes.

  • Explore the magnificent movie settings of Los Angeles
  • Join awesome events in the Subway every day of the week
  • Take Wayne, the skillful actor, for a ride on the Cruiser board
  • Customize your Surfer cast with cool new Outfits

Subway Surfers recently received 512 MB ram support and that continues with this update, letting those with Lumia 520s, Lumia 630s and 720s join in on the fun.

Say what you will about the game, but the developers regularly update it on the same day as iOS and Android, and that goes a long way.

QR: subway

Daniel Rubino

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  • Minion rush!! Much better than any runner by a long "DISTANCE" ...
    Having said that... Great that they are updating simultaneously with other platforms.....
  • +1320
  • Minion rush needs better optimization dere is glitches while start of the game ..!! Have a 720 and 925 both have glitches while starting ..!! :/
  • Exactly. It lags a lot otherwise a really nice game with great visuals.
  • Minion rush is better in my Lumia 520 than subway surfers..Graphics of SS totally sucks in 520 and it starts lagging like hell after running some distance..Don't tell me what you will expect in low end device, this game runs smoothly and with better graphics in low end android phone..
  • Sry this is an online game..
  • Simultaneous updates are what keep me from moving to other games. Great job developers!
  • Can someone helpful explain what happens with the previous SS levels, once the game gets updated? Are they lost? Or not?
  • No it does not lose progress
  • I'm obligated to you sir... You know that the SS game on recently got 512mb support? Can someone helpful tell me if the levels 'before' that are available to 512mb users..? Thanks
  • Only one level variant at a time, regardless of when you start playing. New environment updates are every 3 weeks though.
  • Nice.
  • Love it
  • I love playing this game.
  • When does Minecraft come into the store.
  • +620
  • Survivalcraft. Far better than Minecraft pocket edition, and its like u have the game on pc or console. Its 5$ well spent
  • Never, Notch has clearly stated that he hates everything Microsoft related. Although most of his income he gets from Windows users.
  • Too much downloads for me today, but that makes me happy lol :D
  • should also think abt temple run oz ?? but this was awesome  
  • Minion rush is not yet updated the jelly lab update for wp yet while it is updated in ios and Android.six guns is also not updated gameloft you've broken my trust
  • Not to forget jetpack joyride no SAM or revive for 1500 button after dying
  • I hope they don't bring the jelly lab feature to our platform. Just go to the play store and read the reviews. More than 90% people hate it.
  • True that!!
  • Nice
  • Same old same old.
  • Love from L920 ❤
  • Cue the "This game is old" "Nobody cares" "Nobody plays this game anymore" "It's the same thing over and over" comments in 3..... 2..... 1......
  • Not a single comment like that so far. :P
  • This game is old Θ_Θ
  • Nobody cares ('o')
  • Nobody plays this game anymore ^_~
  • As long as it's related to tech right?!
  • Now who's not letting it go?
  • I was simply making a joke that these comments are just as annoying as "what does this have to do with tech?!" and "you should rename your site to everythingCentral" Sorry if your feelings got hurt man
  • Have to do a lot better than that to hurt my feelings. Your comment on its face just sounded a bit hypocritical. Unfortunately humor doesn't always express well in the written word and can be easily misinterpreted.
  • It's the same thing over and over:-()
  • ❤ •❤
  • LOL
  • You're old. Nobody cares about you and nobody wants to play with you. lol
  • What's the point of this game?
  • To run or hoverboard forever
  • Fix the bugs on 512 MB ram devices. Graphics sucks. And want to tell that devs are lazy just updating the theme
  • You forgot to mention Lumia it really an underrated phone? -_-"
  • +620
  • +620
  • superb...wrkng to grt in this update n my 630
  • +630
  • The most beautiful update.
  • this time it is playing smoothly in 512mb versions. grt work kiloo
  • Its not that easy to code a game which requires 1Gb and still they are providing it for 512Mb devices. Give it some time they will fix it. Developing is not an easy job. Good Job Kiloo. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's great to know about these type of gaming updates.. Thanks kiloo !!
  • Honestly, I'm very bored of this game! Don't even care to know about it.
  • 620 is not even mentioned now a days forget about cyan update
  • I agree, us 620 owners are always forgotten about and last to receive updates. :(
  • It still hangs alot on L520
  • unfortunately this game doesn't play smooth neither on the lumia 930