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Grab your hover board as Subway Surfers officially arrives for Windows Phone 8

This one is coming out of nowhere but Kiloo Games and Sybo Games have released Subway Surfers for Windows Phone. We’ve confirmed with Microsoft that this is an official release and not a clone. Indeed, it’s the same version number as the one for the iPhone, that is version 1.16.

Subway Surfers is yet another endless runner, but it has gained a ton of popularity, rivaling Temple Run. First released in May 2012, this game has been one of the top requested titles for Windows Phone and now that day is here.

Weighing in at 27 MB, the game has spritely, colorful graphics with excellent gameplay. We’ve fired it up on our Lumia 1520 and it plays very smoothly, letting us ride our hover board through London while jumping trains. There’s even Santa and a Christmas theme, right in time for the holidays, so Windows Phone users should be excited by having the latest and greatest version from Kiloo. From the game description:

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

  • Grind trains with your cool crew!
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
  • Hoverboard Surfing!
  • Paint powered jetpack!
  • Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
  • Challenge and help your friends!

All in all in this is a HUGE win for Windows Phone 8 today and we’re sure many of you will be extremely excited. We’ll have a video hands on in a bit , but for now you can go and grab Subway Surfers here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only, 1 GB of RAM required (512 MB support is coming).

Thanks, Skyrocker007, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Am done with it and am the first to review it...tnks kilooo......
  • ⬆⬆what's he saying❔,, I'm confused...
    Well, let's try that first comment again...........
    A huge win for WP indeed❕ Actually, the past few months have been huge, as far as apps, for WP.. What a great way to cap off the most successful year so far... I sure hope this is a precursor of what 2014 has to offer... I'm thinking 2014 is going to be at least twice as good as 2013 was.. Maybe even 3 times the developer support, and market share growth.. Can't wait❕❕
  • This has been one of the most request apps for WP??? I think we need a better poll...
  • Agreed. I don't get the appeal of all of these endless runner clones. Maybe the first one, for like 5 minutes, was kind of cute, three years ago. Every one since then is a huge yawn. For the love of god, people, we got Halo: Spartan Assault this year! There is a game that innovated mobile gaming. Perhaps if it had been an endless runner instead with Master Chief collecting non-stop plasma grenades it would've been more popular.
  • COIP, how did Halo: Spartan Assault innovate anything? It is just another third-person, top-view, two-stick game where the left stick moves the character and the right stick shoots.
  • 1. It successsfully incorporated the look, feel, and ambience of a classic first-person console versions into a portable third-person version. I know of no other console franchise that was ported so successfully to a mobile platform.
    2. The twin stick controls are brilliant in how they allow you to slide your thumbs across the screen without losing control. Using the left side of the screen to move and the right side to aim is natural and intuitive, but the reason it works so well is, unlike other games (except for Rocket Riot), you can slide your thumbs anywhere and it keeps moving (whereas other games foolishly use tiny digital sticks where your thumbs continuously slide off). [As good as the basic controls are, though, the grenade controls suck].
    3. Cloud saving to sync game progress across different versions of the game on other platforms.
    4. Added replay value via the inclusion of Halo's 'skulls' to tweak difficulty and earn score multipliers, in addition to Xbox achievements, medals, challenges, and leaderboards. I'm not saying Halo: Spartan Assault pioneered all of the aforementioned features (it didn't), but it perfected them and put it into one glorious package that is, unquestionably, the best phone game of the past year.
  • 1. No, it didn't. It didn't look or feel like a FPS in the slightest, so don't get why you'd even suggest that. 2. Except that you have limited ammo and trying to turn wastes it. 3. Yeah, after you have to buy the game twice. 4. Nope, those don't add replay value.   The game innovated nothing. It's OK, but it's pretty flawed. The biggest issue, I think, is the grenades, which aren't thrown intelligently at all.
  • 1. It wasn't supposed to feel like a FPS. It was supposed to feel like Halo. It did. 2. Running out of ammo is rarely a concern. There are gun drops everywhere. I cannot think of any mobile game that does virtual twin sticks better (again, except for the grenandes). 3. I agree the stores should be integrated in WP and Windows RT, but the merits of this feature are independent of the pricing for it. That's a different issue. Plus, it was on sale for both platforms for only $3 apiece. That's not bad. Add in the discount they are giving out to buy the Xbox One version at $5 and it's more reasonable. You could literally have gotten 3 versions of the game for $11. 4. Yes, they do. I'm not saying Halo: SA is as innovative as the wheel. But it sure as heck is more innovative than Subway Surfers.
  • I have been asked by all but a handful of smartphone owners if windows phone has "top apps" and the second to most common after instagram was Subway Surfer. I have around 15ish emails to Kilo games for the game and and tweeted them ALOT and so has my fiance and my younger brother. This seriously isn't the biggest win for everyone, but I rather have this than any other game for me at least.
  • This^  Stop playing games for babies! Try spartan assault. Now that's a real game.
  • LOL❕
  • Awesome ...,can't control my excitment ...!!! Man may the game be old but since it has finally arrived seems windows store seems to be completed a bit with useful apps
  • +1 wpcentral should do an 2013 recap for windows phone. This was a huge year for us!
  • We need candy crush the most popular mobile game
  • This game is definitely coming❕.. Joe is working on it as we speak.. WP is for real, guys❗
  • Joe is working on it???You mean beta testing? I don`t know for sure but Nawzil tweeted a few days back saying the game is in private beta.So,possibility is there..:)
  • I'd rather that PoS Bejeweled clone just died.
  • After WPC adds a like button in comments,,, yes, they should do a recap on what was the greatest year so far for WP..
  • Ok i thought "i wish Minion Rush would come to Windows Phone..." then i sat down at my computer and there it was on the wpcentral website. Just 30 minutes ago i thought "Man i wish that Subway Surfers would come to Windows Phone" then i sit down at the computer... now it's out... And comming to think of it it was the same with Stop!Music but it took like a month.   I think i have some special powers or something!
  • We get to wishing!!!! :-)
  • Don't stop wishing for all those awesome features in WP 8.1 then!
  • Oh yea!! Downloading it right now!!
  • Just got the Tweet from Joe. Was going to Tip naive. :-)
  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Yayyyyy finally. I won't sleep tonight hahaha
  • Really...
  • Na I slept after playing 2-3 games. 
  • Really❔
  • Currently I am playing it. Facebook does not work. Can not see my pals score. 
  • Its not jabong..!!! :)Lol
  • -_- not supported on 512 MB RAMS
  • 512 MB is coming.
  • ETA?
  • Any ETA on PVZ2 Daniel?
  • Ahhh when is it exactly coming to 512mb devices?! Now I can walk tall facing mah friends...
  • That's just Daniel's guess, he doesn't know the ETA. But it is probably coming to 512MB ram devices. They all do...
  • No,it isn`t Dan`s guess,It was so mentioned in @joebelfiore`s tweet,so atleast we can be sure its coming and soon i suppose ;)
  • wat about temple run2? also 1 gb ram? n wat abt opera mini?
  • Yea but how long we ( 512mb RAM devices users )gonna wait?
  • There goes mejority of WP users mourning.
  • aaaargh 1 GB RAM needed !! what ashame :(
  • Don't worry. Support is coming...
  • Haha I just asked you guys if this was real on Twitter, nice!
  • Woohoo! Now if only that candy something game comes on to WP, i can shove windowsphone on my friends faces with peace!
  • Candy crush saga
  • Lol, I'd like to see you literally shoving it in their faces. Must be funny as hell watching their reactions.
  • Their reactions would probably be screaming and bleeding, I'm sure it would hurt to have a phone shoved inside your face.
  • Cool.
    i thought it was fake as kiloo website was not having link to windows store.
    hope they will release it soon for 512mb ram devices.
  • Thx for the tip...great news :)
  • Yah thanks ... U really rocks...
  • Pleasure guys.
    but thanks should go to
    while checking my twitter i came accrosed the tweet and gave the tip.
  • Aaaaaand Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Now im regretting that i bought a lower end wp8
  • Not for my 720 :'(
  • Dude its gonna come, me to havin the same beautiful device . Support coming soon hope it comes before Christmas ..!! :)
  • It requires 1gb ram!!!!! :'(
  • Loving it
  • That's surprise
  • Woohoooo!! :)
  • I'm not very familiar but this game but know it's big, so yay! Win for WinPhone lol! I''ll give it a go.
  • 1 gb...:/
  • Sweet. Its official - Windows Phone is easily the 3rd ecosystem. Yes we still get apps late but increasingly they are coming!
  • With an increasing speed too :)
  • It's been official for quite some time, yet the main milestone was when Instagram was released for us
  • AWESOME!!!! Candy Crush will be next... I hope!!!  
  • I hope so too!
  • +620 hope with support for 512mb devices at launch.
  • Yes candy crush please. Its big right now and people who are switching phones are avoiding WP. It will be a big boost yo WP, hope its not released too late after the hype has died
  • +720 with 512 Mb RAM support,.
  • Please Paul and Daniel: someone has a contact from the developers so I can try to get this game available on Brazil??? Please please please.
  • Just change your country to US and download. Then revert back to Brazil.
  • Hi. As a said to many times before: I am not just thinking about myself, I am thinking about the whole people that dont know about this, or that just dont want to do that. Do you have any games for WP?
  • My 6 year old has a L920 (not really his) and he is going to be happy. No playing on mommies iphone.
  • Oooooooo I hope it doesn't have too many bugs :)
    Edit: no lag whatsoever!
  • Its working fine but Facebook integration is not proper.Its not showing my android and ios friends.
  • Yes its showing only me. Surely many others would be playing
  • Yep..!!!! At last
  • Can't wait for the 512mb support coming ! L720 here. Great job you developers for supporting wp :)
  • That was unexpected..temple run 2? And 1gb :(
  • Yeaaaaa!!!
  • I'm a little surprised Microsoft didn't make this an Xbox title given its popularity.
  • It's not Microsoft decision to make, but Microsoft is to blame for developers insistence on not having Xbox Live certification. Hopefully they can fix the certification process in time to turn this trend around.
  • Guys Guys Xbox certification is a tough process that's y Microsoft didn't do it to make wpstore growing fast
  • Yeah, or they could fix the process. That would be better for Windows Phone's growth, as it would make it easier to promote what is a really distinguishing feature of the platform.
  • Then go on Twitter and tell them that you thought it should be an Xbox title: @windowsphone @Windows @xbox @Microsoft. Use the #SaveXboxWP hashtag. If they don't hear it from you, they won't know it's important to you. Saying it's not Microsoft's decision is technically true but it's their platform and their certification process, and if developers aren't scrambling to make all their games Xbox certified, then something is wrong on Microsoft's end.
  • WP8 is full speeding ahead.
  • This is an awesome news for the WP platform. It might be growing slow, but it's growth is steady. Now, with developers showing their love for the platform, we can expect some speedy growth.
  • My kids will enjoy this.
  • What the...!!! Need 1 gig??? :'(
  • Been holding out all day for gta news but this a surprise.
  • 512mb also..make it soon...
  • We getting all tha top games fast now
  • Unfortunately though this is at expense of xbl support. I guess beggers cant be choosers as the saying goes. Lets hope ms is working behind the scenes to improve the certification process.
  • It seems like Xbox integration has been holding windows phone back. Now that companies have stopped using it, we've been getting rained on by big games and ofifcial titles. I know a lot of people hate the fact that its been disappering, but I for one don't miss it at all. It'll be nice to have it, but if Microsoft won't relax their requirements, then who needs xbox integration.
  • Was playing this on my yoga just yesterday and was wondering when it would show up on windows phone..
  • Wow,that came out of nowhere :)
  • I found a bug. When I connected the game with my facebook account it does not show any of my friends record. Where as in ipad it shows all my friends activity. And best part it's completely add-free when compared to ios and android. 
  • It's showing only windows phone friends who are playing the game.The same issue is with minion rush
  • This is irritating. Hope they fix it asap. 
  • Enough of these running games but I am loving these prices tags lately. Btw wpcentral where's GTA?!!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • So many endless runners.
  • It's great dude since it's a popular game. So, cheers up :)
  • Oh, I didn't mean it as something bad, it's that I don't go to the toilet enough times a day, to play them all :D 
  • Lol
  • Haha, that's when I play them too :D
  • another bug,wheneve i die in this game it should ask me to use keys to get back in game but it doesnt 
  • It does for me; but not before I connected Facebook. Not sure if those two are related or if I just hadn't picked up any keys before then.
  • They keys suddenly showing up :p but they have to look at facebook integration. It does not show my friends ( i think it will only show windows phone users as same is happening with minion rush )
  • Not for 512 mb ram...
  • Woha! Not a huge gamer actually, just happy that more "main stream apps" are coming to WP .
  • High scores anyone? Just got 13378, first time playing. Now back to work, hah.
  • When is Candy Crush coming to windows phone?
  • Waiting for 512 MB support.... When....?.?...
  • Now my daughter will stop complaining, and be happy about her 920 :) (the other daughter with the 620, it's another story...)
  • With all these games coming out for WP, I'm almost rethinking my decision to buy my son an iPad Mini....
  • !!!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!  All I wanted was custom notification tones and Subway Surfer!!  I now have both!!!!!!!!! Everything else is extra IMO!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!
  • thanks
  • Woww!!
    finally my android friends will shut their mouth!
  • Right :-)
  • So true...!
  • not available in Russian store :(
  • Great to see this arrive on WP. I know it gets said a lot (which is a very good thing actually), but this is another one ticked off the list for WP :)
  • All these games would stand out from their counterparts on other platforms with Xbox live and achievements, instead of being the same game. Pass.
  • I agree: one of the big distinguishing features of gaming on Windows Phone is Xbox integration. The fact that big name titles like these are launching without Xbox features makes them nothing but sloppy seconds / boring ports. I know you're already on board the #SaveXboxWP movement, but for the benefit of others whoe want to tell Microsoft to better support Xbox gaming on Windows Phone, start here:
  • So I guess if we want the popular games (at least the first generation of such games) they won't be Xbox branded.
  • Or we could prod Microsoft to streamline the Xbox certification process for Windows Phone games so that we can have both: popular titles getting ported over sooner and with Xbox integration. Go to Twitter and start re-tweeting #SaveXboxWP posts that call out Microsoft executives and maybe we'll see a change.
  • Enjoying this game at my desk now. Thank God for slow days.
  • Hope 512mb support arrive soon :)
  • This will shut the "No Subway Surfers for WP" people out there.. :P
  • No it won't. They'll find something else to bitch about.
  • Clash of Clans
  • Troll Wars is here and we think it's better then CoC and Jungle Heat. Try it. For WP and W8/RT.
  • AMAZING! This release just shows that Windows Phone is relevant now in the appworld! Kudos to Kiloo. I love this game. Just gimme Temple Run 2 and I'm all set.
  • +1
  • Cool... Waiting for 512mb version... :)
  • There are two types of people in this world. Those who have Windows Phone with 512 MB and other with 1GB. :(
  • Your world is VERY small.
  • And the majority of WP users have 512MB devices.
  • Please bring support for 512 mb devices as soon as possible... Coz most people have Lumia 520 and 720...
  • 512 MB pleaseee!!;
  • 512 mb :-(
  • Yipee
  • When can users of 512MB devices play subway surfer???
  • Nice and smooth!
  • Ok so I played subway surfers on my lumia 920. It's very smooth and fun to play but there are some bugs. Facebook integration fails. It does not show any of my friends where as my ipad shows all of my friends may be it will only show windows phone users playing subway surfers. Second bug is annoying. Whenever you die in the game it should pop up with the keys to ask you to play the game from same area but it doesn't show just skips to the scoreboard area. Hope they fixes these 2 major issues. And I am scarred if I played this game and and update is arrived soon it won't delete my score,coins or upgrades.
  • The keys randomly showed up for me after my third or fourth run. Play a little longer and the same should happen for you.
  • Yeah after playing it for 5 mins suddenly the keys appeared. But Facebook still does not work.
    Same applies for minion rush.