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Subway Surfers Windows Phone support ends; Windows 10 Mobile version may be coming soon

Kiloo will reportedly launch a Windows 10 Mobile version of its popular endless runner game Subway Surfers shortly. However, its support for the older Windows Phone version has come to an end.

The last update for the Windows Phone version of Subway Surfers was released in March, with the Prague location. WinBeta got a statement from Kiloo on the status of Subway Surfers:

We are working on Subway Surfers versions for Windows for mobile. The next update should be available on Windows 10 for mobile. Subway Surfers, World Tour: Prague is the last update available for Windows Phone 8. No further updates are planned for Windows Phone 8.

The update could be released as soon as this week, according to the report, but keep in mind that mobile game schedules do change. There's also no word if Kiloo will make the game available for Windows 10 on PCs and tablets as well.

  • Finally... The only game I want to download on my phone... Missed ya
  • Well support ended way back and it never worked on W10M since Dec 2015. I've messaged them many times and have gotten the reply that they are not interested in Windows .
    One rep told me that if I wanted to continue playing the game, I should get an Android phone. (I replied back saying that I want to play but on Windows only). :)
  • Support mentioned here is of win 8.x devices. Not of win10 mobile.
  • That's the spirit. There isn't a single app that can make me switch. I've "missed out" on a bunch of app fads over the years but I never felt that I was missing out. So I say the same thing... Sure I'll try your service... When you make it available to me. Why should I spend more of my money to give some company my money or data or whatever it is they want? Shouldn't these companies be the ones spending money on order to entice me to use their product? Today's consumers are easy pickings.
  • I tend to agree. App developers should be catering to us, not the other way around. You want me to pay for your app/service? Then put it on a platform I am using. I am not going to change my phone OS just to try out your app. But I get it. Windows mobile users are viewed as an insignificant user base (by everyone except Flaregames it seems) and the cost/ benefit ratio of developing a windows app just isn't there, in their opinion. Maybe W10 mobile will change that, but it's going to
    take a while.
  • I sent a message to kiloo support email and they said today it will be available for Windows 10 devices
  • Too funny because this works with Android 4.x up to Android 6 and beyond.
  • You think that's humorous? Haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or 5x)
  • Bcoz Android users still get Play services updates on older versions.
    Once Windows 10 mobile progresses, phones that will get unsupported will also be able to run new apps and games.
  • Nope... There are many apps in the android store / play store which do not work on older versions... That is normal since some apps need features and api calls not available in the old os versions.
  • Well I'm not surprised. Time to move on to android, windows phone is dead
  • Yes , windows phone is dead but windows mobile isn't . Windows FAN... >>LUMIA 640 XL
  • Windows Phone and Windows Mobile are dead but Windows 10 Mobile isn't. ;)
  • Congratulations for not reading!  You lose the internet for today!
    We are working on Subway Surfers versions for Windows for mobile. The next update should be available on Windows 10 for mobile.
  • I thought wp8 support's ended and win 10 mobile would be next, lol
  • Dunde pls
  • Kiloo please make a UWP Windows app! I've been requesting this since Dec 2015 and now I've stopped wanting this game. Moved on to greener pastures and Subway Surfers is just a memory for me. By the way, anyone enjoying Jetpack Joyride?
  • I would absolutely love to be able to play Subway Surfers on Windows 10 PC, hopefully with Xbox Live Achievements! And also I don't have a Windows Mobile device but Jetpack Joyride is absolutely excellent and I play it a ton on my PC and phone.
  • Yeah, I definitely am :D And even better since MS fixed the black bar issue on my 535 in the latest redstone builds that was annoying as hell in older games :D
  • Really? Are you trolling?
  • Of course he is
  • Well guess what? I'm downloading it right now!
  • In Max's defense, it does't help that MSFT seems to change the name of their mobile OS every 3 weeks or so... I was confused myself at first.
  • How is it confusing when it says "The next update should be available on Windows 10 for mobile...No further updates are planned for Windows Phone 8." That sounds pretty clear to me.
  • apparently this is becoming a new meme here lol
  • Android? Why would a conscious person chose Android? It is the Windows ME of mobile filled with spyware from a company that has broken its own privacy rules.
  • I don't get it either
  • No sorry you typed it wrong. "Time to move to Win10Mobile, windows phone is dead"
  • Crunchyroll also released a UWP Windows 10 App...
    We're waiting on you Whatsapp....    
  • Yea, why doesn't WhatsApp put some pep in their step? Lol
  • Once development for WP7 is actually ended, only then they will work on W10M.
  • That would be good. I like Viber way more, but I need Whatsapp to talk with 1 or 2 of my friends, so it would be good for me too :D
  • Thought it would never come back. XD!
  • I think it was a hack to get it to work on wp, it never was there for w10m. However it was laggy even though it worked. Hopefully the new version works better. Also I'd like it for Xbox and desktop Posted via the Windows Central App on my 286
  • You ware probably thinking of the sideloaded 512mb ram Subway surfers before they officially updated it to work with 512mb. :)
  • What's gonna happen to ask the gears I got from the wp version?
  • I am wondering why you posted this news so late! I tipped you guys way back.
  • I hope it comes to windows 10 mobile soon. This title almost gave me a heart attack. This was the only game that I played on my windows phone and it has been a long wait on windows 10 mobile.
  • I smell a snubbing is in order
  • *sigh what a shame for those people. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or 5x)
  • I want coc to play on my windows 10 mobile
  • #TWSS
  • Coc is still around? I know a lot of my friends played two years ago but now nobody around here plays it any more.
  • Good news !!! Subway Surfers is coming today to Windows 10 Mobile, according to reply I received from them & it is also technically right to launch it today because new city tour is also going to start today.
  • Is it true?
  • Yes .. I am continuously in contact with their support team since last 15 days
  • Idk if you're giving false hope... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or 5x)
  • Subway Surfers is now available for Windows 10 Mobile according to their site but when you open the "Windows Store" link from Opera Mini on Mobile, it redirects you to the store where you will only found old Prague city version which is unavailable for us Guys now mail them to sort out this fast their mail ID is
  • If you have the current version of Windows Mobile with the current version of the Store it should be available soon.  
  • Anyway it's became old and boring
  • Finally.... It's about time.
  • i'm waiting
  • There is a must optimisation needed for all games in our store ...Our lumia running like charm but the games dont ..
  • Ninteke ammoommede kothil kondu vekkada thayoli ee ooombiya subway surfers...
  • Good. Terraria, you better will be next... :D
  • Its already updated on my windows phone
  • You could play as long as you want, but there won't be any updates
  • Great. The only app i missed from win 8
  • It you updated to Windows 10 from 8.1 with Subway Surfers installed it still works on W10M. I have had it on my phone since I moved to 10
  • People still play this?
  • It is the best news I have heard so far.its my favorite game.
  • Subway Surfers is now available for Windows 10 Mobile according to their site but when you open the "Windows Store" link from Opera Mini on Mobile, it redirects you to the store where you will only found old Prague city version which is unavailable for us Guys now mail them to sort out this fast their mail ID is
  • funny played the game and realised it was exactly the same game as about 300 other simular type games like temple run lol.  How long can this work.  Do people really buy into it?   I just found out my photo app doesnt have a print function but it used to.  Its like skype, you used to have a working full functioning skype until microsoft striped all the features out and built it into windows 10 desktop.   Hey microsoft people want a built in skype experience but not one that doesnt have all the app features lol.   Hey heres a idea put the features backinto the built in skype and let iphone and android users use the app.  Still if they cant bring gestures to windows 10 mobile by now, i doubp they can bring print to photos or a working skype in any form.  My pc updated today and my uwp skype app no longer has a area i can select for text lol, yeh insider version but only cause skype doesnt work on the normal version  my dvd drives dont show up on the normal version, strangerly the insider edition shows my dvd drive but skype still doesnt work properly lol.  Big shame.  But nothing new here.  And we wonder why microsoft has 1% of the mobile market.
  • Actually Jason Skype had to be rebuilt to close a horrible error that carried over from pre-Microsoft days that allowed people to create a bogus account and find out your device's IP address.  So they've close a slew of exploitable code.  They'll re-add features as they will.
  • Whgere a few freinds buy surface pro 4s and realise that they have to spend 4 hours updateing them or they are useless or haveing to buy a app that brings gestures to a tablet that should be there in the first place, i think subway surfers is not something of a priority.  Soz for ranting but in the last 3 months after every update and theres far to many in the normal and insider builds, skype is broken every time.  I dont get why microsoft still does this crap.
  • I'm glad to read that they're not actually abandoning Windows altogether.
  • Finally got SS today on WP 10. Singapore.
  • I am getting SS too in India on .420 l730 ...
  • I'm so happy this is on windows 10 mobile now! I love this game! Also, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be like this but it half supports continuum, it scales up, but doesn't take mouse or keyboard input. Perhaps it will take touch input once continuum can do that.